Xenite Con’


Legendary Warriors


The Xenite Con’, convention on the show Xena: Warrior Princess, took place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October 2012 in Paris, in the Passage vers les Etoiles.

It was the 1st convention in France dedicated to the famous show, which, for 15 years now, is still arousing so much interest. It was a very intimate convention where the Xenites got the chance to get close to the Stars invited as never before.

Discover in pictures, videos and comments what made that convention a success!




(Joxer the Mighty)




(French voice of Buffy, Susan and Ariel / French voice of Joxer)




I spent a wonderful week-end, which leaves me with a lot of beautiful memories in my head. I’m happy because I got the chance to meet Hudson and discover Ted one man show’s personality. It was a small convention regarding the number of participants but a big one regarding its quality. It will be hard to do better than that.



It was a great convention, I loved Ted’s humor and I was completely seduced by Hudson. I’ve never seen someone with so much love in her look for the other human beings. The Yoga was interesting, this proximity with her was exceptional. When will be the next convention? Thank you for this wonderful event!



The meeting with Hudson and Ted was exceptional, they got a lot to tell us and were very funny. For example, we made the castings they did in Hollywood with Ted, it was wonderful and the movie got a… Particular ending, right! Besides, I got the chance to spend two days with the Xenites and I spent some very good moments with them and I hope to see them again. Of course, thank you Xenan, Phoebe and the volunteers without whom it wouldn’t have been possible.



I will not be more original than the other people: it was a MAGIC week-end!!!! Both Hudson and Ted were exceptional. I was especially impressed by Hudson, because Callisto is my favorite character, but also by the Q&A where we saw a side of her inciting a great respect. By the way, both of them were very kind, during the photo op as well as during the autograph sessions , and I think that, they have enjoyed as much this convention as us.



First of all, thank you Xenan, Phoebe and all the rest of the team who organised and animated this convention. It was a brillant bet and challenge to overcome, it took some nerve but you did it! I will keep an extraordinary memory of that convention. There are no words strong enough to describe it…Ted and Hudson were adorable, humans, funny, with an overwhelming proximity and humility.



Thank you Xenan and Phoebe for having spent (for us) sleepless nights, got cold sweat and run everywhere to ease everybody and get the result we all know… Thank you the guests who did the trip and kindly did the photo op sessions or were overwhelmingly accessible such as Claire Guyot, who was as I remembered.



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