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For online stores, the grass frequently seems to be greener on the other side. No matter how much effort you put into creating your dream business, someone else seems to have a better storefront for selling the same type of products.

Understandably, even with such a robust platform as WooCommerce, being able to stand out in the e-commerce crowd isn’t the easiest task. To help you out, the right set of WooCommerce plugins might be exactly what your store needs in 2023. You can win audiences if you can set yourself a bunch of achievable goals.

WooCommerce Plugins – Why Favour Quality Over Quantity?

Although it’s a fairly useful WordPress extension in its own right, the problem with WooCommerce is that its limitations make it less effective on its own. Fortunately, it also serves as a repository of plugins which boost WordPress’s ability to multitask as a content management system.

But with so many plugins, especially free ones, online stores might end up making the mistake of integrating as many of them as possible. That won’t help you unless that achievable goal of yours is setting yourself up for confusion and slowing down your site.

Instead, you need to invest in a few high-quality, premium grade, and professionally developed plugins for  custom checkout, website management, and other tasks.

11 Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Store

Clearly, your best bet is a curated collection of SaaS solutions that is nothing short of a store bucket list, like the following.

1.   SEOPress

Having a plan for ranking high in search results is important if you’re taking your business online. To help you achieve that, SEOPress offers a range of features.

These include on-site basics like XML sitemaps, schema markup, and structured data. It’s a totally white-label service that also comes with API support for indexing your WooCommerce store in Google and Bing.

2.   Checkout Field Editor by JCodex

Checkout is the cornerstone of online conversions, and if you do it right, you can bid cart abandonment farewell! The Checkout Field Editor boosts WooCommerce’s existing checkout mechanism with more checkout fields and forms, and the freedom to use them as you please.

It doesn’t matter if you want to add WooCommerce custom checkout fields or remove them, or even reposition them or make them conditional in whichever way you fancy.

3.   Brevo

A good email and newsletter strategy is a proven way to make online marketing a breeze, but unless you have the right tools, it requires some commitment. With Brevo, you can manage your mailing list and make your email campaign more organic, targeted, and personalized for maximum conversions.

4.   EWWW Image Optimizer

Sometimes, reducing the load on your web pages takes a lot less effort than you might think. For example, as an online store, you need lots of high-quality images for showcasing your products.

The EWWW image optimizer helps you compress your image files into a lighter format without compromising how crisp and amazing they are. So, you can impress your visitors with visuals without risking bounce rates from slow web pages.

5.   TI WooCommerce Wishlist

It’s not just custom WooCommerce checkout fields that help you avoid abandoned carts. The TI WooCommerce Wishlist offers window shoppers the ability to curate and share their favourite and more desired products.

6.   UpdraftPlus

Although routine backups are non-negotiable for any online business, they can be tough to remember and even tougher to manage in a single click. Luckily, UpdraftPlus allows you to back up your valuable online data and keep things safe and simple.

7.   ThirstyAffiliates

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing strategies for making money online, and your online store will benefit here with ThirstyAffiliates. By letting you effectively manage and cloak your affiliate link, it makes everything look much more attractive and less spammy.

8.   Doofinder Search

Doofinder specializes in the one thing that online stores cannot afford to take for granted, and that is a robust, user-friendly search function. Complete with fast and relevant results, spellcheck, filters, and an analytics function, it helps both your stores and those hoping to buy from it.

9.   PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

Nothing helps keep customers like a good deal, and gift cards have proven this time and time again. The PW Gift Cards plugin helps you create custom gift cards with the design template and the buyer policy of your choice.

10.  WP ULike

The ULike plugin acts as an all-in-one marketing toolkit that comes with all the things you need to help your store stand out. These include small but influential details like and dislike options, sharing, social feeds, and SEO features. You can gather the feedback which will help you grow your business and what it can offer.

11.  Heartbeat API Plugin

For those unaware, Heartbeat is a WordPress API that connects your browser with your web server. Its main job is to make front-end updates easier to keep track of. However, should that feature become hard to manage, Heartbeat Control, you can restrict how often the API bothers you with its frequent pings.

12.  WP Fusion Lite

CRM integration is important for managing an online store, but it can be a lot to handle and WooCommerce doesn’t always have the best dedicated support. WP Fusion Lite lets your online store connect with more robust CRM and user management solutions, which makes your job much quicker and less frustrating.

13.  Nelio A/B Testing

A/B testing is the cornerstone of making sure that everything is all right with your online store before anyone else finds any awkward errors or mistakes. With Nelio A/B testing, you can define and manage your tests in a native format and test more than one version of each aspect of your WooCommerce store, from headings to whole pages.

In Summation

Clearly, adding WooCommerce plugins to your online store demands a little bit of a balancing act. Luckily, with choice picks like these, you can put together an online store that promises conversions without burdening your business.