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A popular saying that everyone has heard and is familiar with is the practice “prevention is better than cure”. This saying might generally apply to your health and wellness as it is always better to be free from any sickness than going through the hoops of curing it and taking care of yourself. This popular practice also applies to other aspects of life such as in businesses and establishments when it comes to avoiding problems and accidents in the workplace, it is important to not only have good security and preventive measures in place in the physical office and workplace for safety but it also involves having a secured system for your data and network.

Cybersecurity involves several techniques that come together to protect systems that are networked together through the internet. The internet has helped many of us as it allows you to be connected regardless of location given a connection is easily established. Despite this benefit, some have taken an interest in the platform for malicious purposes to get personal gain through it. These actions usually lead to cyberattacks from malware which allows them access to confidential data where they can either modify or even delete it.

Ensuring this doesn’t happen to your company can easily be accomplished with the help of cybersecurity firms that specialize in this field. They help protect your system and data from suspicious access as well as secure your data by creating backups for the worst-case scenario.

With how crucial it is to have your data and information secured; it is important to have the best cybersecurity firm to help you in your endeavors. We have here some of the best cybersecurity firms that you can look into for consideration.

1. Sapphire

Sitting on the first spot on our list is a company in the UK, Sapphire. Sapphire is one of the oldest providers of cybersecurity in their respective market with no less than 25 years of experience. This company primarily specializes in endpoint protection making them extremely suited to threat detection and management.

Sapphire remains to be one of the best cybersecurity companies available for hire in the market as they provide a multitude of services all found in a compact and convenient service provider. Their service provider has the functionality of several anti-cyber attack measures owning up to its versatility. Integrating your system with their service will greatly enhance your cybersecurity allowing you to reap the benefits of having a beefed-up system. Benefits such as increased productivity, preventing website crashes and even customer satisfaction are just some of the few things that come with working together with this company.

Aside from their technical benefits and services, Sapphire offers other services to keep you safe and improve their system. They offer around the clock tracking and analysis which allows them to respond to any complex events that might seem suspicious. Additionally, you can also have the benefit of having outsourced personnel keeping your company safe from any cyber threats allowing you to save up on money from establishing an in-house team.

Furthermore, Sapphire also offers testing services with your current cybersecurity measures along with providing data and insights about their test. This gives you a rough idea of how your system responds to cyberattacks and provides insights into its shortcoming and potential exploits. Using this data, you and Sapphire can take steps towards improving it together in the quickest way possible giving you the peace of mind that any problems will be addressed immediately. Sapphire provides the flexibility of getting this job done as they can work both remotely or on-site to your convenience and preference.

2. ScienceSoft

The next company we have on the list is ScienceSoft which is a cybersecurity company based in McKinney, Texas. ScienceSoft is a cybersecurity company that offers a myriad of services that are geared towards testing and improving the security of any establishment.

This company has worked with many types of business and industries ranging from banking and healthcare to public sector projects and even the retail industry. On top of their cybersecurity service, ScienceSoft also offers software development services allowing you the unique benefit of creating software solutions that are catered for the needs of your company.

Similar to Sapphire, ScienceSoft can carry out testing services for already implemented cybersecurity measures allowing them to assess the efficiency of the system. This allows them to pinpoint any weaknesses in your system and improve them before any hackers can exploit any vulnerability.

3. Intruder

A unique entry here, Intruder is a cybersecurity firm that operates globally intending to reduce vulnerability to attacks through their cybersecurity solution. Intruder makes use of their unique product of a cloud-based scanner that scans, analyzes and detects any faults and weaknesses in an organization’s data infrastructure.

Their cloud-based app allows them to operate on a global scale making them an extremely convenient cybersecurity company. Despite its lack of versatility in other areas, Intruder remains to be a good choice for companies looking to improve and test their current system as they offer a free trial of their app allowing you the benefit without having to immediately spend money.

4. Cipher Cis

Like all the others on the list, Cipher is a cybersecurity company that offers services that are geared towards improving your overall cybersecurity and safety. What differentiates Cipher from others in this list is its unique Cyber Intelligence Service (CIS) which gathers data from different sources and endpoints to use for analysis which it will then use to improve your security measures.

Their service app provides 24/7 monitoring and detection allowing you the benefit of stopping threats before they can make any noticeable impact on your system. Cipher is built on different information sources such as the three corners of the web and different honeypots and sinkholes.

All of these culminate in a single service app that contains and responds to any negative impacts allowing you the opportunity to learn and improve your defenses before they are even penetrated.