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Jeremiah Peniata Fatu is the son of Solofa Fatu Jr.- a professional wrestler in the United States. Popularly known by his stage name Rikishi, Solofa is one of the most popular wrestlers and he has one several championships such as the Intercontinental championship and Tag Team Champion. There are so many layers to this superstar wrestler and one of them is his family.

To learn more about Rikishi’s son, Jeremiah, keep reading!


Jeremiah Peniata Fatu was born on the 30th of August, 1986 which will make him 36 years old as of 2022. He is 5ft 6inches and weighs about 70kg.

As indicated earlier, his father is the legendary Rikishi (Solofa Fatu) and his mother is Talisua Fuavai-Fatu. Jeremiah was born and raised in California, USA and still lives there with his family.

The Fatus belong to the Anoa’i family- a notable family that has been part of the wrestling scene since the mid-twentieth century. So, a large percentage of the family are wrsetlers including Jeremiah’s brothers.

Jeremiah Peniata Fatu Siblings

Jeremiah Peniata Fatu has five siblings- Joshua Samuel, Jonathan Solofa, Score Benz, Joseph, and Thavana Monalisa. Unlike Jeremiah, all of his siblings love to wrestle and two of them have followed in the footsteps of their father by wrestling professionally.

Jonathan Solofa and Joseph Samuel are currently signed to WWE and usually wrestle as Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso in Smackdown. The twin brothers are very successful and have some impressive records to their name;

  • They currently hold Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions for the longest reign (above 357 days)
  • They hold both the Raw Tag Team Championship in their third reign and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in their fifth reign.

His brother Joseph also performs as Solo Sikoa on the NXT 2.0 brand. Overall, his brothers are successful just like their father.

Jeremiah Peniata Fatu Career

As mentioned earlier, Jeremiah isn’t part of the wrestling scene like his brothers. But, it is difficult to tell what his career is because he always keeps a low profile. Also, he isn’t active on social media which makes it even more difficult to be aware of his activities. Nevertheless, you will see him with his family every once in a while in a photo.

What we do know is that his hobbies are playing volleyball, travelling, and other activities that involve the outdoors.

Personal Life

There is no indication that Jeremiah Peniata Fatu is in a relationship at the moment. No one knows if he is secretly married or has any kids. Hopefully in the future, he begins to show off more about his life via social media.

Net Worth

Some sources say Jeremiah Peniata Fatu’s net worth is $1 million but without any knowledge of his career, it’s difficult to confirm it.

Overall, Jeremiah Peniata Fatu has a great relationship with his family, as he shows up in different photos periodically. Hence, it’s easy to assume he’s living a happy and healthy life.