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Electrician workers no longer have to manage a mountain of tasks with nothing more than an inbox, a stylus, and some paper. To simplify organizing, billing, work administration, and other tasks for electrical contractors, we’ve selected the finest software options.

As an electrician, you know the many daily jobs.

Making projects, arranging and sending technicians, keeping track of bills, and attending to the requirements of your clients are never simple. So why make things more difficult by using antiquated tools like email, stylus, and paper?

Electrician software can help with that. This technology is becoming essential for builders and workers worldwide. Perhaps you already use similar software but are on the lookout for a major update.

How to Choose the Right Electrician Contractor Software

The best electrical contracting software will have features that simplify the administration of electricians by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes.

When choosing the best electrical contracting software, keep these characteristics in mind:

  • Calculating and quoting: The capacity to generate estimates that can be distributed to clients who have inquired about the company’s offerings.
  • Scheduling: Contractors should have easy access to work schedules so that they can plan tasks based on the availability of their workers.
  • Dispatching: Companies can delegate duties and send workers to the appropriate projects (both commercial and residential).
  • Create task orders and monitor their progress from beginning to end.
  • Accounting and Invoicing: The software can be used to create bills and receipts for the services that clients have purchased.

Let’s look at the top software for electrical workers now that you know what to search for in this kind of program.

The Top 2023 Software Apps for Electrical Contractors

Field Complete

With its work order interface, Field Complete facilitates the division of big electrical contracts. Your service business will have an advantage over the competition thanks to Field Complete, which also includes:

  • Create a customer relationship management database to keep track of your clients’ contact details and service records, so you can give each one individualized attention.
  • Mobile App: Increase team movement by sending work details and billing on the go.

Programs and costs

For organizations with fewer than ten members, Field Complete field service CRM is complimentary. Beginning with the eleventh team member, Field Complete is $29 per month per individual.


Electrical companies can make better choices thanks to ViewPoint’s comprehensive data collecting and work reporting tools. With important characteristics like:, it also aids in your regular outdoor activities.

  • Project Budget Tracking Software: To guarantee an optimum profit, take a close look at your electrician hiring costs.
  • Tool for managing employees: Save time on staff management by centralizing recruiting, training, payments, and other HR duties in a single interface.

Programs and costs

Instead of charging a monthly fee, ViewPoint costs a one-time fee of $10,000 per customer.


With its quick work assessment tools, TurboBid does what its name implies: increases your chances of getting hired. Additionally, TurboBid has the following features:

  • Create daily records on each quote produced to track your project closure success rate.
  • User-friendly personnel database: For correct salary calculations, keep track of critical employee details like talent levels and hours worked.

Programs and costs

On its website, TurboBid does not list any prices. A live demonstration or a complimentary tryout can be arranged, though.