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Value is in Memory Over Money

An awesome birthday party for your little one or an adult friend doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars and involve hundreds of people. It can, and if you can pull something like that off, why not?

The thing is, you can put together some amazing parties cost-effectively, and in a way that makes memories for everyone in the family. Here are some unique party ideas to explore, we’ve put together three more to help you figure out the perfect way to celebrate any birthday.

The Trip-Based Celebration: Going Somewhere Special

Maybe your youngster has always wanted to go to that water park upstate, or explore one of those skydiving simulators where you wear a flight suit and an astonishingly strong fan causes you to “float”. Children and adults always have places they’d love to visit, and things they’d love to do.

Whether the birthday guest is one who is more mature, or young, there’s somewhere they’d love to go. Planning an excursion there is a great gift, and it’s a great opportunity for a birthday party. In Las Vegas and similar resort towns, there are “party busses” you can use to transport the whole group to a location.

Younger celebrants will be easier to surprise in this area. The more mature an individual is, the more likely they’ve seen such diverse things. Even so, a seasoned hiker may love to find some hidden grove or garden at the end of a path he didn’t know was nearby.

The Sensory Angle: Making Them Royalty for a Day

Whether young or old, the birthday celebration is about the individual who has made it through another year in the game of life. The day is worth making a fuss over, and centering around that individual. If the person celebrating is an adult, massages and adult beverages are in order.

If they’re a youngster, get a bunch of their favorite treats and make a game out of pampering them until the evening “party”. (With youngsters, there almost always has to be some sort of celebration including presents; that’s just the way it is.)

The Backhanded Surprise: An Obvious and Hidden Move

So the “obvious” surprise party is when friends and relatives of the celebrant hide, no hint is given that a party is on the cusp of breaking out, and at a certain point, the whole thing is sprung on a person. If you’ve never done this for a youngster, they should have a surprise party at least once. Older individuals may or may not respond positively.

The trick here is, the real gift comes later. Maybe you have a surprise within a surprise. The party gets going, and that’s when you produce the true gift: a letter revealing a promotion, a video game system you told the youngster wasn’t available for purchase, a new electric motorcycle hidden in the basement until the right time. Hide a surprise within a surprise.

A Birthday Party for the History Books

A surprise within a surprise, making the celebrant “king” for a day, and going somewhere special represent three ideas for a birthday celebrant that work for the young and the old. Hopefully, at minimum, these ideas help you plan an awesome birthday party.