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As a gun owner, securing your firearms should be a top priority to prevent unauthorized access. But that doesn’t mean you must drop a ton of cash on an industrial-strength safe. There are creative solutions to stow your guns securely.

In this article, you’ll learn about some innovative options for building secure storage for your firearms. From hidden compartments to retrofitted furniture, you’ll find budget-friendly ideas that will give you peace of mind and security.

And the best part is that no one will know about these concealed storage solutions integrated into your home. If you’re ready to keep your firearms secure and your wallet intact, here are some clever tips and tricks to lock and hide your guns.

Gun Wall Mounts

A gun wall mount is an excellent option for storing your firearms securely within easy reach. Here are some tips for setting up gun wall mounts:

  • Choose high-quality gun racks and cabinets mounted to wall studs for maximum security, as cheaper options may not hold multiple firearms and ammo. Mounting to studs ensures a secure storage solution.
  • A lockable cabinet mounted to wall studs offers secure storage and quick access to firearms, with reinforced doors and high-security locks.
  • Mount your gun wall rack discreetly, away from windows, in a garage, utility room, or closet wall to prevent intruders from spotting your firearm collection.
  • Store ammo separately in a locked cabinet away from your gun wall mount for safety. It can prevent loaded firearms from being easily accessed and helps avoid accidental discharge.
  • Install motion-activated lights, security cameras, and intrusion alarms for high-value collections. This extra measure enhances protection and alerts you if someone tries to access your firearms storage.

Properly installed gun wall mounts and security features like locked storage and alarms ensure a secure and accessible firearm collection for responsible owners.

Hidden Gun Safes

Consider a hidden gun safe if you want to keep your firearms close at hand but away from prying eyes. Here are some practical suggestions to remember:

  • Whether installed under carpet or wood flooring, floor safes offer security and quick access with a flush-mounted access panel. You can create a wooden or steel safe to hold multiple handguns and ammunition.
  • A wall safe disguised as a clock, mirror, or decorative item offers discreet storage and seamless integration into the decor.
  • A diversion safe that looks like an electrical outlet or air vent is ideal for smaller spaces. You can install it in place of the fixture, and no one will know your firearms are inside. These compact safes are suitable for storing a single handgun.
  • If you prefer keeping long guns close by, a cabinet with a hidden compartment may suit your needs. Some gun cabinets feature a secret drawer or space behind a panel where you can securely store rifles and shotguns out of view.

Choose the right fit for your space and security needs. Install it properly to ensure your weapons are always accessible.

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Under The Bed Gun Safes

Gun safes hidden under the bed are ideal for utilizing wasted space in your home. It’s a perfect solution for concealing firearms. You can design these safes to slide under your bed to keep your guns secure and out of sight. They can resemble typical storage boxes or have a less conspicuous design.

With simple locking mechanisms that open in seconds, under-the-bed gun safes provide quick access to guns in an emergency. You can also choose biometric fingerprint scanners or key locks, making them easy to access for self-defense. These safes can blend into the space under your bed, preventing theft or uninvited guests from accessing them.

Built-In Gun Cabinets

Consider installing built-in cabinets if you want a more permanent solution for securely storing your firearms. Custom cabinets allow you to design storage that fits your needs and space. With some DIY skills or hiring a professional, you can create built-in cabinets that look like high-quality furniture.

You can install a wall cabinet that fits in a closet for small spaces. Larger rooms allow for more extensive cabinetry, multiple drawers, and shelves for ammunition and other accessories.

Consider these helpful tips:

  • Choose a sturdy material like steel, hardwood, or plywood. Metal cabinets offer the best security, but wood can be a good option if adequately reinforced.
  • Install locks for each cabinet door or drawer.
  • Combination or digital locks are convenient, but keyed locks provide substantial protection.
  • Anchor cabinets to wall studs or floor to prevent removal, making it harder for anyone to access firearms.
  • Add security features like pry-proof doors, bolt-action locks, and steel-reinforced edges. These upgrades thwart most break-in attempts.
  • Choose a safe firearm storage design that follows local laws, including unloading and locking guns separately from ammunition.

Installing custom built-in cabinetry ensures safe storage of firearms while keeping them close at hand. This stylish storage furniture offers security, convenience, and aesthetics.


There are various ways to securely store firearms without breaking the bank. The most crucial thing is keeping guns locked and unloaded when not used. Gather tools and build a custom storage solution with patience and elbow grease. If all else fails, opt for a quality safe.