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When it comes to explaining customers’ issues and providing them with an effective solution, animated explainer videos offer exceptional results. Due to their eye-catching visuals, snappy animations, and narrative audio, they are also excellent educational media that is hard to miss or ignore. Adding all these unique features makes animated explainer videos the perfect marketing tool for any business. That is why animated explainer videos are being used worldwide.

Businesses use animated explainer videos to share their unique brand story. Corporate animated videos are used by businesses to build strong brand reputation, improve brand recognition, build long-lasting relation and engage potential customers to enhance sales.

Different animation styles can be used to create animated explainer videos, but how do you choose which one is best for your business explainer video? Here are some animation styles that help you decide which is the best for your corporate video needs.

Live-Action Animation Video

Live-action animated videos are used to explain a product or a service and share its unique feature and benefits with the people. When you use live action to convey your message, you won’t have unicorns or anything else that can help you convey your message and back up your data. This is where the live-action animated video style comes, combining animation and live-action to create an engaging video while keeping the human factor at the forefront.

Live-Action animated videos are an amazing option for businesses that are marketing products and people-focused services such as a cafe, hotels, or restaurants. Live animated videos with real people also help businesses connect with their target audiences emotionally and give them a chance to show their potential customers how their quality product or service is used by others.

Motion Graphic Animation Style

This style of motion graphic animation can be used to show business statistics, communicate policies, or share unique ideas with business partners or investors by using simple animated graphics. The motion graphic animation style is not cartoonish. Thus it is perfect for training purposes and sales, as well as for conveying processes and facts.

Whiteboard Animated Video

Whiteboard animated video uses simple graphics that are hand-drawn on a white background or a school whiteboard. It makes it simpler for business marketers to convey complex information. Whiteboard animation can be used for a variety of purposes, including teaching staff about company policies and procedures, presenting software and physical products to customers, and summarizing content for educational purposes and textbooks. Whiteboard animated video is also used to explain boring topics like filing tax returns and understanding legal terms.

Paper Cutout Animated Video

Another animated explainer video style to consider is paper cutout animation. This style of animation is popular for marketing campaigns because it presents flat characters and no extraordinary features, allowing people to concentrate on the main story. The cutouts are designed using stiff fabric, card stock, paper, or anything else that helps improve a brand name.

Animated Infographic Style

This type of video style lets businesses use a unique combination of text, images, and illustrations to educate and explain complex concepts. An animated infographic is an effective tool for rebranding knowledge and breaking down complex information into manageable chunks. List, hierarchical, informational, statistical, comparison, geographic, and process infographics are just a few of the formats available.

As techniques are perfect to explain operational processes and others are better at evoking emotions that drive behavior, the choice of animated explainer video style can create buzz about any product or service.

By choosing the right animation style video and creating an engaging message for viewers, businesses can use explainer videos to convey their relevant message, reach a wide range of audiences, enhance conversion rates, and improve the brand’s personality. This marketing tool has a lot of potentials because it makes it easy to convey complex concepts and facts in a visually appealing way in a short amount of time.

Businesses can create animated explainer videos to achieve their marketing goals if they only focus on the “why” rather than the “what,” “who,” or “where,” which have interesting visuals and an engaging script. An informational video that meets these requirements can be used in a variety of settings, including a presentation, embedded into a website’s page, and on different social media platforms.

Final thoughts

Using animated explainer videos as part of your business marketing strategy is an amazing idea if you choose the right style. Once you are clear about your business marketing goals, it is not at all hard to choose an animation style for your corporate explainer videos. Animated explainer videos are adaptable, clear, and simple to share, and they can be used in a variety of settings to help potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The selection of animation style depends on the message your business wants to share, the target audience, and your business goals.