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Does it make a difference which ecommerce platform you use for your online store? According to some of the statistics below, it certainly does. BigCommerce SEO can be instrumental for any type of ecommerce website, as it helps you easily manage both products and customers. It’s even SEO-friendly, and works well for mobile themes.

According to the success stories of the sites discussed below, BigCommerce is the type of platform that can take even the smallest business venture and help it grow to a big name in ecommerce. That’s why web design companies like WebCitz use it for so many of their clients; it simply works.

Plus, it’s easy to use as well; you won’t need a couple of extra college degrees to manage your ecommerce site with BigCommerce. There’s a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to manage multiple tasks, such as checking returns, filtering products by pricing or brand, and dividing customers by different pricing groups. It also offers 24/7 access to customer support, which builds trust in your brand. But what would all that mean if you couldn’t rank well on Google too? BigCommerce has built-in solutions for SEO optimization, so you won’t be fighting an uphill battle as you’re trying to get better online exposure for your business.

That’s enough of an introduction for now; let’s dive into the ecommerce sites that demonstrate just what BigCommerce can do.

1. Perpetual Kid

  • 154% rise in AOV
  • 220% rise in revenue
  • 94% rise in conversion rate

(Statistics reflect sales data from January to June 2020)

This online store is for any adult who hasn’t lost their inner child. With fun, games, and actually useful products, Perpetual Kid switched to BigCommerce in 2015, and have watched their company grow ever since.

The founders, Wendy Papula and Curt Eastman, were already pretty tech-savvy; they could take care of a lot of their own back-end needs themselves. Even so, the built-in functionality of BigCommerce freed up a lot of energy (and time and money) that could then be invested in other parts of the business. They’ve had great success with the Facebook Marketplace integration; now that their entire catalog is listed on Facebook, they’re seeing about 24% of their sales from that platform alone.

2. Mountain Crest Gardens

  • 400% rise in orders
  • 50% drop in advertising costs
  • 10x rise in revenue

This company has been around since the mid-90s, but it didn’t see significant expansion until the late 2010s – which was when they also decided to expand their ecommerce site. This expansion included a migration to BigCommerce, which gave them all kinds of templates and product enhancements to use. Their site became more responsive and user-friendly, and they noticed that it also facilitated mobile sales. After just a few years, orders had increased by 400%, and they were able to cut ad spending in half thanks to organic growth.

They also integrated content marketing tool Rivet Works, which searches out consumer media to use on their social media accounts and website, as well as adding them to online review pages. This also reduces the need for product photography, since the images are available to use for marketing.

3. Burrow

  • 50% rise in site performance and speed
  • 4% rise in AOV
  • 30% rise in conversion rates in 2 months

Before Burrow existed, people buying furniture online had to choose between cheap disposable options, or pricier items that would take months to be delivered. Then a couple of business school students, Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra, realized that there was a niche to be filled, and that’s how Burrow was born.

Within a year of being launched using a BigCommerce website, Burrow saw $3 million in sales, as well as a growing number of satisfied customers. BigCommerce was an easy choice for them, as they wanted the kind of site that could handle a rapidly growing multi-vendor, multi-product, multichannel business.

They also wanted superior marketing and business tools, which BigCommerce offered with the ability to create discounts or bundles. Since they didn’t need as much work done by developers, Burrow’s website was completed in just six weeks.

4. Savannah Bee Company

  • 6% rise in transactions YoY
  • 12% rise in revenue YoY
  • 30% drop in TCO

This company didn’t even have its start as a business idea; it was just a Georgia beekeeper by the name of Ted Dennard giving honey away as gifts to family and friends. He ended up selling some of his products in a friend’s gift shop, and the products’ popularity encouraged him to sell online as well. A decade after that, Savannah Bee Company now has multiple stores, as well as having products available in over 2,000 retailers.

Growth like that requires a dynamic ecommerce platform, and that’s what BigCommerce ended up being for this company. One feature that’s particularly apt for Savannah Bee Company is the ability to sync inventory between Amazon, Google, and Facebook stores. Orders, product listings, and fulfillment can be handled through the same BigCommerce dashboard.

5. Skullcandy

  • 82% rise in conversion rate YoY
  • 122% rise in orders YoY
  • 214% rise in revenue after launch

An audio lifestyle brand, Skullcandy is the brainchild of Rick Alden. He had noticed the limitations of then-current technology, and decided to make headphones that could keep up with an active lifestyle.

At first Skullcandy used Salesforce Common Cloud, but it turned out to be too expensive to maintain and manage. That’s when they turned to BigCommerce; they were able to streamline their workflow, build a better customer service relationship, and even win a Best New Website Design from BigCommerce award. They also integrated with Facebook Marketplace, which has steadily increased their revenue ever since.

Would BigCommerce be a good fit for your ecommerce website?

From rechargeable headphones to California-grown succulents, BigCommerce has the tools for just about any kind of product or brand. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or thinking about migrating from a platform that no longer serves your needs, BigCommerce is built to seamlessly carry you and your team every step of the way.