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If you have recently become a homeowner, congrats are in order; it is no easy thing to accumulate a considerable deposit and get mortgage approval and now that you are officially the owner of the building, maintenance is a major aspect of looking after your investment. Some minor things you can do yourself, while there are times when you need a local tradie and in this short article, we present 5 trades that you will need at some point in the future.

  1. Plumber – The best plumber in North Sydney can handle most water-related emergencies, plus he can supply and install water heaters, sinks, toilets and showers. Another feather in his cap is drain unblocking; state-of-the-art tech enables the plumber to see what’s happening in the drains and with his fully equipped mobile workshop, he can handle any blockage.
  2. Electrician – Unless you are qualified, we don’t recommend messing with your electrics; short of changing a plug or fuse, it is best to call a licenced electrician. If you experience a power outage, check the Safety cut switch and if that has not been activated, call an electrician. In the event you ever need extra power points, the electrician is the person to call, while he can also wire up an extension.
  3. Roofer – The roof is the most important component of the house, as it protects the interior from the harsh Australian climate. You can’t really see much from the ground, which is why you should have the roof inspected by a local roofing contractor, at least once a year. In the event the roofer encounters missing tiles, he can replace them promptly; for a small fee, you receive a detailed account of the status of the roof that covers all aspects. Any remedial work that needs to be done would be completed there and then. Guttering needs to be cleaned out to allow for excess rainwater to find its way to the ground.
  4. Locksmith – The obvious reason to call out a local locksmith is when you are locked out of your home (or car), but what you probably don’t know is the locksmith can supply and install burglar alarms and CCTV video surveillance. If, for example, you would like a keyless access system, the locksmith can supply and install a keypad or biometric locking system. Click here for tips on boosting home security.
  5. Gas engineer – If your heating system is gas-powered, you will need the unit to be serviced; some plumbers are gas-approved, but not all offer this service. Natural gas is a cheaper alternative than electricity and if your area offers natural gas, a local plumber can arrange a connection.

If you pre-source all of the above numbers and store them in your smartphone, then you are ready for just about anything. If you are thinking of a home improvement project this year, you will probably need a plumber or an electrician.