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Anything purpose designed for a niche is meant to serve that segment specifically but Leather Pilot Bag have been a revolution recently in this regard as they serve more, than just the needs of flight pilots. Their durable built, stylish designs and spacious, practical storage options make them popular among other businesses, and professional circles as well. Looking at the massive wave of popularity these bags possess currently, we have made a considerate effort to identify 5 must-have items to be packed in these bags while traveling.

If You Are An Aviation Pilot:

Whether you`re an aviation pilot, bush pilot, or fly corporate flights for a certain entity to certain specific locations, there are certain necessities you are bound to carry by rules and then there`s other necessary stuff in a personal capacity that you should carry.

Flight Operation Manual Files or IPADs:

First and foremost, any pilot has to carry detailed flight manuals that provide specifics on the aircraft he or she is flying and how certain parts of the aircraft work. These manuals are often quite detailed and provide in-depth information about different parts of an aircraft and how an anomaly in any certain part of the aircraft needs to be handled.

While paper rim files housing lengthy documents with sections allotted for different parts of the plane are still in use and are required to be kept as an SOP for different pilots, this is not the only method for carrying carrier information. Pilots also carry the new age IPADs/Digital tablets which can be kept in dedicated laptop/gadget slots of a leather pilot flight bag. For instant access, these gadgets can easily fit in the horizontal back or front external chambers provided by in-flight bags as well.


Another important must-have for pilots is headsets which are required to communicate with ground aviation during the entire length of a flight from take-off to landing safely and then parking your carrier appropriately on airports/landing strips after the flight.

No matter whether you have a dedicated headsets box or you store them openly, leather flight bags have dual central chambers, or even if they have a singular chamber, it’s normally spacious enough to provide headsets with comfortable damage-free storage along with other residents in the same chamber.


Sunglasses are an important accessory for pilots as they prevent the effects of piercing sunlight or any effect from consistent eye contact with sunlight. They also protect a pilot`s eyes from any flying debris or effects of decompression etc. Ocular health is a primary requirement of a pilot`s fitness to fly and any damage to eyes can prevent a pilot from flying in the future.

Leather pilot flight bags come with dedicated/multiple internal storage for small items. You can easily store your sunglasses pouch in there as keeping them in an external storage point might damage them if the bag that slot comes under stress directly from any external source.

Identification & Travel Documents:

Pilots get identification documents from their source airways/company or government/officially recognized bodies authenticating their credentials. These documents are central to their credibility as aviation professionals or pilots. Apart from these identifications, other necessary travel related docs i.e. passports, boarding passes, tickets, etc. all are of particular importance and can be stored in any dedicated internal or front/back external storage chamber/slot for either secure storage or instant access storage respectively of a leather pilot flight bag, whatever a pilot is comfortable with.

Personal Essentials:

Depending on the length, destination, or purpose of a flight, there can be a range of personal essentials that a pilot may feel necessary to carry. On the other hand, there are always certain necessary personal items i.e. toiletries, changeover clothes, etc. that are part of a pilot`s luggage. A leather pilot flight bag is an ideal accessory to compartmentalize. With spacious central chambers, dedicated slots, and pockets both internal and external, you have options plenty to store your items separately with peace of mind.

If You`re A Business Professional

On the flip side, leather pilot flight bags have fast gained traction among business professionals with their solid stylish build and look along with a plethora of space options available for dedicated storage. These qualities make them very popular among business professionals for both work and travel purposes. Let`s quickly find out what essential items are a must-have for business professionals to carry for stress-free travel with a leather pilot flight bag.

Laptop, Digital Gadgets:

Whether you`re traveling alone or with a family depending on your purpose of the trip, Leather pilot bags have dedicated laptop sleeves which are often good enough to tuck in an extra tablet or IPAD belonging to kids or family. Laptops are central to business conduct in today`s world. Having them by your side on a business trip is a must but even on a leisure trip, they provide you with entertainment and keep you connected in case you have to address any urgent or necessary business issue.

Back zipper pockets or open slots also provide sufficient space for storing tabs and IPADs conveniently.

Documents & Papers/Clothes & Footwear:

Who doesn’t love a stroll in a hotel lobby or nearby street in the evening while in a new town on a professional commitment which has kept you busy during the day? Leather pilot flight bags provide you with storage that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. If you want, their central storage chambers are vast enough to hold your docs along with clothes and covered footwear too. Additionally, you can also compartmentalize by storing docs in the space in a laptop sleeve, back pocket, or front slot that runs along the front of the bag horizontally and is deep enough to store additional papers in case you have a lot of them. Twin central chamber pilot bags are an excellent option for business professionals who have loads of stuff to carry or travel frequently with both their work and personal or family stuff as they allow dedicated compartmentalization for work and personal items.

In the case of footwear that`s in use, make sure you cover it in disposable bags or booties and slide them alongside clothes and not documents.

Stationery Items:

No business professional is complete without writing material and other stationery items. With leather pilot flight bags, you get dedicated loops/ variety of pockets for small items that provide you with devoted storage for all such storage needs. When in need of to access your pen, you don’t have to stress searching for it through the truckload of residents you have stuffed into an already crowded singular pocket inside or outside of a bag or through the central chamber.

Wallets, Travel Documents, Card Holders, Phones & Chargers:

Reading through the article, it must have been abundantly clear by now that leather pilot flight bags have a quantity of purpose-built slots and pockets to store small personal or professional items, so storing your wallets, card holders etc. is no hassle at all. However, it`s better to keep all such items inside the bag rather than storing them anywhere on the external front of the bag.

Water or Liquid Carrier:

We could have mentioned, diaries and notepads or newspapers as well but it’s already quite obvious that you can manage storing all such items appropriately in any of the external or internal dedicated slots of a pilot bag. One essential that you must consider carrying to all places is an empty or filled water bottle or a liquid carrier with you. Even if you won`t be needing it on a flight or during travel, there`s every possibility you will need it during your stay anywhere.

Leather pilot bags can store flask bottles or other slim, long water carriers in their side pockets that you can grab at the first instance.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to the variety of leathers available in different colors and appearances, the leather industry soon identified how pilot flight bags can be turned into an attractive offering for the larger business community as well. We hope this article has imparted enough information into what needs to be carried in a leather pilot flight bag at all times whether you are a pilot or a business professional and how these bags facilitate you into better more disciplined organization.