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Community plays a big role in your daily life, whether you see it or not. From the teachers at your children’s school to your friends at work, you depend on the people in your community to help you navigate the ups and downs of life. A fitness community can work the same way for you. From live workout classes with new friends to a training buddy who can spot you at the gym, it can be beneficial to have these people in your life. Here are five important ways a fitness community can help you reach your goals.

Helps Establish Your Short Term & Long Term Goals

Being part of a fitness community helps you establish your goals, whether these are short-term or long-term things you hope to achieve. If you’re working out without an end goal in mind, you can easily lose motivation and find yourself repeating the same cycle over and over again. Once you connect to people in a fitness community, you will find people with more experience who can help you decide what you want to achieve and map out how to get there.

Provides Encouragement to Stay Consistent

It’s okay to admit that staying active and eating right isn’t easy, and that’s why having a fitness community that encourages you can help you stay consistent with your program. For example, you can join a group chat where you all share your struggles and successes and receive quick and authentic support from others.

Offers Immediate Accountability and Support

Your fitness community will offer immediate accountability and support when you need it most. It’s easy to stay motivated when things are going well, but your community is there for you at times when it’s hard.

For example, a fitness community like the one using the Brooke Burke body app can make sure that each member is accountable for their weekly workouts and nutrition plans. Accountability is important because it means someone is counting on you to keep your word and do the work.

Lets You Track Your Progress Together

Whether you have one person who is doing the same exercise program as you or you have a hundred people all doing it together, having a community lets you track progress alongside your fitness friends. Tracking your progress is a vital part of working towards your goals, and it’s even easier to do when you have others supporting you.

Keeps You Realistic About Your Gains

Transforming your health and fitness level takes time, which is why having a fitness community to keep you realistic about the process is critical. You can’t always rely on what you look like in the mirror or what the numbers on the scale say. These pieces of information don’t tell the whole story. Instead, lean into the support of people in your community who can help you see that it’s normal to experience ups and downs when you’re on the road to better fitness.

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