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Sales enablement tools help boost productivity, enabling salespeople to find the necessary data and information they need to close more deals. But with so many tools available that do different things, it can be tough to know which one will work best in your situation. They also help to improve buyer experience for sales.

Some people may think that these tools are only useful to help you sell more; however, as this list of productive ways to use sales enablement tools shows, they can be used in many other situations as well. With that said, let’s take a look at 5 productive uses of sales enablement tools.

1) Improve Your Sales Team’s Customer Knowledge

Sales enablement tools, like, can help your sales team stay on top of what’s happening in the industry and stay one step ahead of the customer.  One way is by helping your sales team increase their knowledge of the customer and how they operate, as well as how to pitch them. This helps you not only close more deals, but also create better relationships.

A second way is using software that allows for easy content management, which will be vital for maintaining all the information your company may need. Using this system will allow everyone involved in a project to collaborate effectively, cutting down on time spent gathering data and sharing ideas back and forth.

2) Increase Personal Brand Recognition

By using these five productive ways to use sales enablement tools, you can help increase your personal brand recognition. Sharing your knowledge and experience in various industries will not only make you more employable but will also allow you to highlight skills that are transferable across many sectors. Consider this a starting point for brainstorming ideas on how you can use sales enablement tools to develop your own personal brand.

3) Generate Leads Through Storytelling

Great content is the key to generating leads through storytelling. By telling your company’s story, you’ll be able to connect with potential customers on a more personal level. It will also give them a sense of how your product or service can benefit them and provide them with the motivation they need to purchase from you.

By publishing blog posts and videos regularly, you are keeping your website fresh and engaging. Providing helpful tips will help people in their day-to-day work and make it easier for them to see what type of help you offer.

4) Close More Deals

Sales enablement tools should be used for anything that helps you close more deals. You might use a sales enablement tool to find new prospects, identify the best time to contact them, or even prepare for an upcoming meeting.

The possibilities are endless! Additionally, these tools allow you to set up email drip campaigns or automated messages at certain intervals so that you don’t have to worry about follow-up. By building credibility in this way, potential customers will feel confident in purchasing from you because they know that if something goes wrong with their order, there is someone there to help them out.

5) Provide Educational Opportunities for Customers

A key function of sales enablement tools is to provide educational opportunities for customers. This allows for deeper customer understanding and better customer relationships, which lead to increased revenue. Reduce Marketing Costs by Integrating Marketing Strategies: Marketing often operates as an island within the organization. By integrating marketing strategies into your sales enablement efforts, you’ll be able to reduce marketing costs while increasing brand awareness

Wrap Up

Sales enablement tools are a great way to keep your team on track and motivated. They help you stay organized, get timely data and feedback, and set achievable goals. There are tons of benefits to using sales enablement tools, and above five ways will give you the opportunity to get ahead in your company. Having access to these tools can take some of the stress out of being in sales and make the job easier for everyone. So, start using one if you aren’t doing already. Ideally, you should pick a strong Paperflite alternative, such as Content Camel. It’s an exceptional tool with abundant benefits.