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Microsoft 365 does offer a partial solution that many beliefs work as a full backup, this is called geo-redundancy. If company data is lost, accidentally deleted, or maliciously attacked, geo-redundancy isn’t necessarily going to keep this data safe.

With the help of Third-party Office 365 Backup Solutions, you can easily protect your essential data against accidental or malicious file deletion, other user errors, ransomware, and data corruption.

So, what are the risks your Office 365 data will face and why is it so important to implement the right backup solution:

Accidental Deletion

Accidents can happen, and as an example, Office 365 users can sometimes be accidentally deleted, this deletion will also remove their OneDrive and Mailbox and is replicated across the entire network.

As mentioned, Microsoft’s traditional recovery safeguards only protect you from data loss in a limited way and can turn what could have been a simple data recovery into a big and virtually unrecoverable issue once Microsoft’s geo-redundancy retention period has passed in turn deleting that user’s data forever.

External Security Threats

As mentioned in our recent ‘security threats’ blog, viruses and malware such as ransomware are doing severe damage to organizations and have become increasingly common over the last few years. Unfortunately, the larger your firm the greater the risk, and it could be considered almost inevitable that someone within your business will fall victim to one of these criminal schemes by clicking a malicious link that could in turn put countless amounts of data at risk.

Gaps in Retention Policies

These days policies are continuously evolving, this includes retention policies that are becoming increasingly hard to keep up with and are even harder to manage. As mentioned, Office 365 does offer paid backup policies, but these are limited and still very situational, leaving a ton of room for data loss to still occur. Such risks are one of the fundamental concerns voiced by our customers when considering our backup. Because records can be easily lost, it has become vital for every business and individual to choose Azure Cloud Backup Service that retain every bit of data safely.

Internal Security Threats

When thinking of security threats, the above-mentioned viruses are most likely what comes to mind, but worryingly a study by TESSIAN has encountered that negligent insiders are the most common cause and account for 62% of all incidents.

Microsoft has no way of knowing the difference between a standard user and a terminated employee attempting to delete critical company data before they leave. Additionally, many users may unknowingly create several cyber risks by using weak and unreliable passwords or downloading infected files.

Legal and Compliance requirements

Unfortunately, in most cases where legal action is required, it’s not something you can plan for but having the ability to retrieve emails, files or other types of data needs to be an option.

As an example, if old emails or documents are deleted which are then needed for legal action, without a strong backup solution it would be impossible to recover, which could stop your company from meeting its legal obligations.


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