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 “The First Impression is the Last Impression”

The saying stands true for every customer that visits your brick-and-mortar store, leaving the comforts of online shopping. Product presentation and retail display solutions are essential to attract customers, enhance their shopping experiences, and increase sales.

Unfortunately, many retailers understand the essence and importance of proper retail display solutions until it’s too late to do anything about it. Racks, display cases, and shelves are not built inside a store to hold your product stock. These are essential tools of visual merchandising that, if leveraged properly, can revolutionize your store’s look and increase sales simultaneously.

Suppose you are one of those retailers looking for practical ideas for optimum retail display usage. In that case, this article is handcrafted for you. Here we will discuss five visual merchandising techniques to help showcase your products and services effectively while enhancing the customer shopping experience.

5 Retail Display Ideas for Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

Eco-Friendly Re-board Displays

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Introducing sustainability into daily retail store practices and policies is simple if taken one step at a time. These days, many customers support brands that incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their retail business and work culture.

Introducing Re-board displays is one of the easiest ways of incorporating sustainability in the retail business. Re-board is a versatile and eco-friendly rigid paperboard with an engineered fluted core that allows it to be folded and cut in any shape required. This feature makes it ideal for creating all kinds of visual merchandise for retail window displays, pop-up stores, and exhibition and event prints.

The white surface of Re-board display can be used to print and laminate almost anything you wish. This eco-friendly visual merchandising product is lightweight, durable, and incredibly strong.

Re-board displays are made using water-based adhesives and are 100% recyclable, unlike MDF boards. It does not contain toxic chemicals and leaves a small carbon footprint when used as retail displays.

Place The Bestsellers Upfront

Always place the most enticing and best-selling products on your window displays to catch the customer’s eye. Make sure that the customers have easy access to these products and are visible to them from all angles.

This will not only lure them into stepping inside the store but also entice them to make a purchase, thus increasing sales. Let’s understand this strategy with a small example. For instance, a bridal gown store always places additional accessories and footwear before displaying the gowns. This is done because the customers will check the bridal gowns anyway. However, when placed at the front, the shoes and other accessories might tempt them to make an additional purchase.

Use Sustainable Fabric Displays

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There is no disregard for the fact that online shopping trends are dominating consumer behaviour. So, as brick-and-mortar retail store owners, you will have to bring something unique to the table to entice the customers into visiting the store physically.

So, how do you stand out in this fiercely competitive market? Incorporating different fabrics in your retail display is the best way to stand out from the crowd. Conventional window displays mostly revolve around rigid forms that are difficult to maintain and store.

Fabric wall display banners add texture, dimension, luxury, and a whole new look to your store. Fabric wall displays are versatile and extremely adaptable and can bring art creations to life in a way MDF boards cannot. Apart from giving a touch of luxury to your brand image, it is also affordable and sustainable in nature.

Apart from retail stores, fabric displays are perfect for events, exhibitions, and pop-ups.

Use The Right Lights

While this idea may sound very obvious, some retail stores still fail to implement this strategy. A sub-standard lighting system does not make your store look dull but fails to properly highlight even the most beautiful products.

A well-lit window display is enchanting and highlights your products’ bright colours and designs, attracting customers to check it out closely.

Bring Mother Nature To Your Store

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While there are times when a stark and sleek retail display design works best, adding some natural elements like plants and flowers creates a warm and welcoming aura in many cases.

Adding a bit of mother nature to the retail display can significantly enhance the consumer’s shopping experience. For example, if you are a clothing selling beachwear, try to integrate palm trees and coconuts for a more tropical summer vibe.

However, this does not have to be very theme based or seasonal. You can bring any type of greenery into the store or create a little Zen corner for the customers to relax while shopping. A cute little Instagram selfie corner adorned with bright colours, lights, and plants can be the highlight of your store as well.

In Conclusion

With the increasing competition in the retail business industry and online shopping dominance, there is no room for mediocre and dull retail display solutions. As a store owner, you must come up with creative ideas and use all possible methods to attract customers to the shop.

Hopefully, the abovementioned strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and simultaneously increase footfall and sales.