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Leather boots are a fashion icon for women. Every woman in the world dreams of adding a beautiful pair of leather boots into their wardrobe collection to rule the fashion world. The reason why they are a wardrobe staple is that they add a touch of glamour and confidence to the outfit. No woman’s footwear collection is complete without leather boots as they are very attractive and give a bossy look to the attire. They are ideal for year-round romance and friends with all seasons around the year. Along with providing a kick of style, leather boots are also known for their long-lasting properties, and super comfy feels that make them ideal for wearing all day long. From fashionistas to businesswomen, one thing that unites all is leather boots. If you own a beautiful pair of leather boots or wish to add the same to your collection, here are five exclusive styling and maintenance tips to help you spice up your outfit and maintain your boots for long-run durability.


Are you ready to play fashion like a pro? Styling the boots can sometimes be tricky as they are loud and eye-catchy. In this definitive guide, we will look at some major tips that will help you raise your style quotient and give your boots the care they deserve.

1. Its ankle showtime

The first step towards styling your leather boots is to avoid stuffing your boots with extra inches of your jeans or pants. It gives your outfit an untidy look and does not create a great impression. It’s time to style your boots with a fashion tip that says – ‘show some ankle’!

A flare of ankle adds the illusion of some extra inches to your legs as the gap between your bottom and boots allows them to shine out more exclusively. You can pair leather boots with a skin fit, relaxed, or straight jeans. To make a statement look, roll up the hem twice, creating a clean, sleek look. You can also get your jeans customized to a length that hits right above the ankles, leaving the edge raw.

2. Cover your booties with ankle pants

If you wish to create a more classic and formal look, keep your pants long enough to cover the top of your ankle boots. This look is especially for people who want to hide their thick ankles. Pair your leather ankle boots with straight jeans or pants that end right at your legs, covering up your booties. You can also try them with loose-fitting jeans as they are comfortable and do not restrict movement. They get easily fit over the boot since they are wide at the ankles. Remember to choose a pair of jeans with a shorter hem so that the boots do not get covered up completely.

If your favorite pair of jeans runs a little long at the hem, cuffing works great too! This technique works best with ankle booties because the cuff will fall right at the top of your footwear. And it works well whether you have straight-leg denims or boot-cut jeans.

In fact, a high-quality pair of bottoms work well with a variety of tops for transitional looks in the fall and spring. Test if a pair you’ve been eyeing by gently stretching it at the seams. If you see or hear threads pulling apart, it’s a no-go. If shopping online, use the zoom feature (if available) to inspect stitching details.

3. Make stylish knee-high boots effortless to carry

Are you a fan of the timeless equestrian-style boot with a little heel? The classic knee-high boots are a fashion statement that looks great when paired with mini dresses and skirts, ranging from knee-length to midi. The silhouettes of the skirt allow the knee-high boots to shine out and spice up the outfit.

4. Colors and prints create a buzz

It’s a fact that black and brown boots go well with every outfit, but it is good to try some pops of colors. Grey leather boots and animal prints create a chic look, while sparkling metallic leather boots give a charming appeal to the outfit.

5. Give your leathers a regular clean-up

  • Spray weatherproofing spray once in a month to form a transparent water-resistant film on the surface that will protect the boots from rain or snow.
  • Give your boots a polish once in every week. Apply olive oil to the boots, and then use a clean cloth to maintain the shine of the boots. You can also use baking soda and water to perform the conditioning.
  • Clean leather boots with a dab of petroleum jelly and a clean rag.


Compactly, leather boots for women are a must-have wardrobe staple. They go well with various garments, look super stylish, and provide the utmost comfort to the feet. So don’t wait anymore, get yourself a beautiful pair of leather boots from Novo Au. Get the latest trends in women’s boots right at Novo, from ankle, heeled, leather and wedge all the way to classic over-the-knee boots.