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Displaying art around your home is not only a fun and creative way to decorate, but it also gives your guests some insight into your tastes and interests. Whether you are living on a budget or have expendable income, there are a variety of ways to collect fine art and display it around your home to enjoy.

As you begin to collect art, think about whether or not you have a style you like and want to stick with or if you want to have an eclectic collection that is mixed and matched. Take some time to learn about the different techniques and styles artists use for not only your own preferences but also so that you can have an eye for how technical an artist has been when creating the piece of art. Learning as you collect leads to not only a wider collection but also cherished connections with artists and other collectors.

Unexpected Tip #1: Connect with the Artists

Art is a powerful and meaningful way to connect with others. As a new collector, it would be beneficial to seek out new artists. Connecting with an emerging artist allows you to share the connection as newbies and share your mutual passion for the art. Many artists enjoy telling the story behind their piece, and as a new collector, they know that you will likely be eager to listen.

As you seek out artists to get to know, learn about their styles and techniques and ask as many questions as possible. As a new collector of art, it is helpful for you to have knowledge about the art as well. This helps when you are shopping for new pieces and will help you differentiate the art that you enjoy most and that is done well.

Unexpected Tip #2: Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Years ago in order to collect fine art that meant some of the only options were attending gallery openings and traveling to discover new and unusual artists. Although that is still one of the best and most enjoyable ways to collect art, social media has changed how artists showcase their work.

Many artists still display their art in galleries and have shows, but that same art is also often displayed on their social media accounts. This means you may be able to connect and find artists around the world that you may not have discovered without the use of social media.

Not only are tools like Instagram and Facebook a great way to find new and unusual fine art, but oftentimes artists or galleries will show how others are displaying the art in their home. This can give you inspiration for how you want to display your new art in your home as well. When you purchase a piece of art online from an artist, you may have the opportunity to communicate with the artist as well and ask about purchasing custom pieces or when their next pieces may be coming out.

Unexpected Tip #3: Attend an Art Fair

Attend an Art Fair

You may think that fine art isn’t often displayed at art fairs, but that isn’t always the case. Whether you discover an emerging artist at a show or encounter a seasoned artist who simply enjoys participating in art fairs, you can find beautiful pieces of art not far from home at different events.

Before you go, take some time to research different types of art and artists. It is always helpful to have some background knowledge about the art you are searching for and to know what styles you do and don’t like. Depending on the size, art fairs can be overwhelming if you don’t go with a goal in mind of what you are hoping to find.

Unexpected Tip #4: Participate in an Art Auction

Art auctions are an exciting opportunity to purchase fine art. Many auctions create a catalog of the pieces before the auction, so spend some time studying the artwork and deciding what your top pieces will be. Here are a few Australian artwork prints you may choose for your home. You can also hire an art advisor to attend auctions with you, as not only are they experts about the art, but they also have experience with how the auctions work.

When you attend an art auction, whether in person or online, know your budget. It is easy to get carried away in the excitement and overbid on a piece. As exciting as the atmosphere can be, you don’t want to walk away paying too much for a piece you could have gotten for a different price elsewhere.

Unexpected Tip #5: Stay Informed

Art Gallery Museum

To become a true collector of fine art, information is key. Staying informed by attending gallery openings and visiting museums allows you to increase your knowledge base while also opening up to the idea of different styles. As much as many wish this weren’t true, the art world can be extremely competitive even as a buyer.

Artists and galleries are often more likely to sell to a buyer who either already has an established collection, or at least knows their stuff. It is worth taking time to explore and research before approaching a gallery owner or artist about a sale. They will be much more likely to take you seriously if you show them that you respect their work and know as much as possible about it.

As you continue to grow your fine art collection to add to your home, take pride in knowing your hard work and research has paid off as your collection grows. Get to know other art collectors both locally and around the world to learn tips and tricks from them about different successes they have had in purchasing fine art.

The best part about making the art purchase you have been eyeing is that not only do you get to cherish the piece for a lifetime, but you can also mix and match your collection at home and try the pieces in different rooms of your home. You can then become your own artist at home in how you design your collection.