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If you’ve recently purchased a preloved vehicle or you’re still shopping for a used car, there’s no doubt that you’re proud of your purchase and hope to keep it in excellent condition over the years.

While investing in repairs and cosmetic retouching can massively boost the value of your used car, we’ve listed five essential ways you can keep used vehicle value intact over the years.

Purchase An Extended Warranty

Because your car is pre-owned, chances are the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. But there’s no need to worry about this detail because you can purchase an extended car warranty.

This service plan will ensure you can afford the costs of major services, part exchanges, and significant repairs. You’ll also receive a few value-added benefits like roadside assistance, emergency fuel delivery, jump start services, etc.

It’s typically best to opt for an extended warranty that provides the best coverage. Endurance is currently top-rated for the best overall cover. However, you will find Endurance warranty costs are a bit higher than other service plans.

Choose The Right Auto Insurance

It’s also critical to have auto insurance. This particular insurance policy will protect you from the cost implications of road accidents, vehicle damages, theft, and other unpredictable expenses associated with owning a car.

It’s crucial to choose the right insurance as well; start by evaluating the different levels of cover. Next, gather quotes to compare your options.

You can also effectively reduce your insurance premiums by parking in secure locations, keeping your car in good condition, claiming less, and increasing your deductible.

Keep Up With Vehicle Maintenance

Another important way to care for your preloved vehicle is to keep up with routine maintenance. You’ll find a recommended maintenance service schedule in the vehicle owner’s manual.

But if you don’t have this information available, you can follow the general maintenance guidelines of once a year or, alternatively, every 12,000 miles.

Keep It Clean

In addition to keeping up with maintenance, you’ll also need to keep your car clean. You can clean your vehicle yourself or rely on a professional service, depending on your budget.

Keeping your car clean will keep value intact. Beyond this, you’ll prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion, prevent allergens breeding in the ventilation system, and protect the paint and all the cosmetic finishes.

Be A Safe Driver

The most important way to keep any car in good condition over the years is to drive it well. If you don’t, you’ll wear down engine components a lot faster and cause other damages.

Avoid lousy driving habits like speeding, incorrect gear shifts, braking suddenly, riding the clutch, and resting your hand on the gear lever. Additionally, riding on the brake when traveling downhill is also terrible for the engine.

Caring for your preowned car is the best way to ensure you uphold its value over the years. Even if you aren’t planning on reselling your car later on, these efforts will also uphold your vehicle’s overall reliability and safety capabilities.