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With the explosion of smartphone use in the past few years, one tool that has been gaining more and more traction is mobile marketing. With its high reach and ease of use, many businesses already utilize SMS to send promotions or deliver product information. SMS marketing involves using text messages to send information, news, or updates.

The use of mobile messaging gives businesses a direct channel to communicate with their customers. Companies can reach out to customers without additional software. The digital age has made people more and more connected. Using mobile messaging to reach out to customers helps build that connection. Here we will discuss five ways businesses can use SMS marketing to its advantage in the modern age.

1. Customer Service

Customer service is a vital part of any business. Text marketing can improve the customer service you provide to your customers. If a customer is having trouble logging into a website or mobile app, a text can be sent to them that will tell them how to log in. Providing customers with texting solutions can encourage them to stay in touch with your business and keep returning for more information.

Small businesses can also use text messages to help them take care of customers. If a customer calls in to complain about their product, the company can use text messaging to contact the customer and resolve their problem without having to call back and forth. Texting allows companies to communicate with customers quickly and easily at any time of day or night.

2. Promotions and Upgrades

A promotion is a great way to draw more customers to your business. Using text messages as a way to push promotions can help drive traffic and build sales. Companies can use text messaging for many different types of promotions. A text message can offer discounts, special deals, or even information about an upcoming sale.

Text messages can also be utilized for upgrading or upselling. If customers have already made one purchase from the business, they’ll likely make another. Use this to your advantage and send a text message informing them about a cheaper option or another product they may want.

3. To Enhance Customer Experience

The modern consumer is more demanding than ever before. With so many options available to consumers, they are accustomed to getting the best customer experience possible. They also want businesses to communicate with them in a way that is convenient for them.

To enhance customer experience, businesses can use text messaging to give customers information about their current orders. Customers can use texting to make updates if they have placed an order online. This is especially useful if they have made multiple orders from the business or have a recurring order. Texting can also provide shipping updates when customers wait for their packages.

4. To Request Feedback

Feedback allows you to make your business better. If you have a problem with your business that needs to be corrected, text messaging can be useful in getting the feedback you need to correct the problem. If you are selling children’s products, get feedback about what kids think of them and their reactions to them. Texting is a much easier medium for users to respond through than other methods of communication.

A mass texting service allows you to reach many people at once. You can target your customers based on age, gender, location, and any other demographic you want. The service will automatically send a text message to everyone who fits your criteria and compile the results for you. You can get the data you need to make any necessary changes.

5. To Build Relationships

Customers are more connected with businesses than ever before. They are willing to give businesses their contact information and request to be contacted through texting services like WhatsApp. Their information is then stored in a database for future use. You can leverage this information to build relationships with your customers and keep them loyal.

The desire to utilize texting as a way to communicate has grown significantly. Use simple text messages that are easy for the customer to understand. Be sure to follow up with customers after texts have been sent. To keep customers coming back, make them feel important. Provide them with helpful information and just enough information about the product or service you are selling to keep them interested but not too familiar or bored with your business.

The best way for a business to use SMS marketing is in conjunction with other communication channels, such as email and social media. The mobile lifestyle is one of constant communication. People will take the time to read a text message but may be in a hurry and not take the time to look at your email. Mobile messaging can increase your customer conversion rate and help build a relationship between you and your customers.