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Every office manager has a critical responsibility – ensuring high productivity at the workplace. High productivity is a sign of positive work culture. Higher productivity indirectly increases employee satisfaction. Hence, when companies are more productive, they are more profitable.

Productivity can even improve the quality of customer service a company provides and the types of business relationships it builds. That’s why office managers are always devising new strategies to create healthier work environments. One simple way of achieving this difficult target is by launching an efficient employee communications strategy.

That means setting up workplace signs that keep all team members informed, safe, and open-minded. Several top brands have used custom-printed window stickers to create motivating and efficient work environments. Here are five ways savvy office managers use custom-printed window decals and stickers to create more productive workforces –

Make the Most of Underutilized Workspaces:

Window graphics help office managers exploit underused spaces at the office. They help office managers convert dull windows into appealing billboards that constantly draw loads of impressions. A fully covered window will help your company’s indoor and outdoor communication strategies. People from the outside will see these stickers as branding efforts. The workers indoors will read the messages on the window graphics to feel inspired and engaged.

Improve Employee Communication:

Window graphics can improve employee communications, especially in high-traffic regions like the reception areas. When employees or visitors are welcomed by eye-catching window graphics, they feel more connected to the company. Savvy office managers even custom-print the names of high-performing employees on window decals and stickers to make them feel appreciated.

Boost Visibility Inside the Workspace:

You can buy clear window decals if you don’t want your window graphics to block incoming sunlight. These stickers provide two-way visibility. They allow natural light to enter your workspace. It’s very easy for office managers to keep their workspaces well-illuminated when they install custom-printed stickers on office windows. Plus, the latest vinyl stickers in the market are reusable. Users can peel them off, only to apply them again multiple times. The stickers don’t lose their adhesive strength during this process. Even if they do, vinyl stickers are extremely affordable, and it doesn’t take much to replace old stickers.

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If office managers want to create private sections within their workspaces, they can get opaque or perforated window graphics. These stickers don’t let light enter the office space. They instantly make windows appear beautiful. Perforated vinyl stickers are designed for one-way visibility. That’s why they’re more suited for retail spaces where advertising is the main priority. Share your company’s phone number, logo, and other details on these stickers. The people outside will see the stickers, but they won’t be able to see inside your commercial space.

Promote Safety:

Window decals can be used as wayfinding signs to help employees find their way around the commercial building. These stickers can also be used to communicate COVID19 safety messages.

If your office or commercial facility has plenty of windows, don’t let them go to waste. Cover them with custom-printed stickers now!