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The 6.7 Cummins diesel motor was presented in 2007.5 as a substitution to the 5.9L because of fixing emanations guidelines. From that point forward, discharges guidelines have proceeded to fix and different new frameworks have been added to the 6.7 cummins delete kit. One reason the old diesels remain so famous and costly today is on the grounds that they don’t have any of these advanced outflows frameworks which will generally be tricky and extravagant to fix.

A diesel particulate filter, or DPF system, is one of the new emissions systems that were added to the 6.7 Cummins. Since then, the DPF system has endured and is still utilized in current Cummins engines.

6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Guide

Even though the diesel particulate filter and all of the other equipment for reducing emissions are very effective, they also have some drawbacks. The DPF system is prone to clogging, as we mentioned in our guide to 6.7 Cummins common problems. Furthermore, since it is important for the exhaust framework it makes a ton of post-super backpressure which diminishes super unwavering quality and limits execution.

This guide will explicitly cover the DPF framework. We’ll examine what the framework is, the manner by which it diminishes outflows, and the advantages and disadvantages of erasing the DPF framework. To find out about the different frameworks, look at our aide on all 6.7 Cummins discharges frameworks.

What exactly is a Cummins DPF System 6.7?

DPF is a diesel particulate channel. Consuming diesel fuel discharges minute strong particles into the fumes gas, ordinarily alluded to as diesel particulates. These little, strong particles contain many various synthetics in them and are hurtful to human wellbeing. The particulates can adhere to your lungs and are cancer-causing agents.

DOCs, or oxidation catalysts, are found in diesel engines and function similarly to conventional catalytic converters. While this assists in the cleaning of exhaust gases, it does not capture these solid particles. Enter the DPF, or diesel particulate channel.

Diesel soot, or particulates like it, are captured by DPF filters. It seems to be an exhaust system and utilizations a similar honeycomb interior design however is made of earthenware materials. This honeycomb network structure catches the ash and afterward consumes it into an innocuous debris through a recovery cycle.

There are active and passive cycles involved in regeneration. At the point when EGTs (fumes gas temps) arrive at 950-degrees Fahrenheit or higher, the DPF ash normally consumes uninvolved recovery. However, active regeneration is required to clear the filter because exhaust gas temperatures rarely reach that high. Diesel fuel is injected into the exhaust stream during active regeneration, heating the exhaust gases as they pass through the DOC and burning the DPF soot.

DPF Framework Changes

For 2007.5 through 2012 model years, the DPF framework was isolated from the DOC framework. The DOC impetus was coordinated in the downpipe which was trailed by the DPF funneling. In 2013 the DOC was taken out from the downpipe and coordinated with the DPF channel.

In this manner, erasing a 2013+ DPF framework will likewise erase the DOC. In any case, to erase the DOC for 2012 or earlier, you want to redesign the 6.7 Cummins downpipe.

The EGR system eliminates one more essential component that contributes to emissions. EGR has been on the 6.7 Cummins since 2007.5. The EGR framework incorporates a valve and a cooler. It takes exhaust gases and recycles them back through the admission complex and into the ignition chamber. This makes the gases be reburned hence lessening how much emanations side-effects.

The disadvantage of the EGR framework is that it recycles messy air once again into your motor. This makes a development of diesel sediment which can obstruct the EGR valves, and prompt the EGR and its cooler to fall flat, bringing about a costly fix. Moreover, it diminishes gas mileage and limits execution.

The EGR system remains in place even if the DPF system is deleted. EGR should be erased independently. It is a touch more convoluted since it isn’t only a couple of exhaust pipes, however it’s as yet a quite simple Do-It-Yourself. You will anyway have to buy either a total erase pack (see underneath) or buy the EGR erase independently.

Benefits of Removing the DPF System from the 6.7 Cummins There are two primary reasons to remove the DPF system from the 6.7 Cummins. First is for execution purposes. Since the DPF framework is important for the exhaust, it makes a ton of backpressure which brings down execution potential. Furthermore, the DPF framework is inclined to obstructing and costs $2k+ to supplant when it stops up.

  • 15-30hp and 50-100wtq additions relying upon your tune
  • 2-5mpg enhancements
  • Less exhaust backpressure
  • Improved super effectiveness and dependability
  • No more regen cycles
  • Decreased upkeep and fix costs

Power gains and mpg enhancements will differ contingent upon what year your 6.7 Cummins and tune you are running. In the event that you don’t erase the DOC impetus in that frame of mind on more seasoned models then you probably will encounter significantly less power gains since the DOC sits right behind the super.

The fuel mileage enhancements come essentially from taking out the requirement for dynamic recovery which shoots fuel straightforwardly into the exhaust stream. Different advantages are further developed unwavering quality from the super due to less backpressure and piece of brain realizing you won’t obstruct your DPF and be out $2k-$3k in fix costs.

Would it be a good idea for you to Erase Your DPF Framework?

Truly, except if you are pursuing insane power objectives or utilizing your truck only for rough terrain applications then we don’t suggest erasing your DPF framework. A few states will send your truck directly to the smasher on the off chance that it’s gotten with erased discharges frameworks.

It makes quite a lot more cerebral pain than needed. On your 6.7 Cummins, tune and remove the intake for more power. Furthermore there are a lot of extra mods for the power hungry. Moreover, you can get some pleasant MPG gains too through a tuner and an admission.

If the DPF clogs, I understand how expensive it would be to replace it, but deleting it won’t be much cheaper. Additionally, Cummins has a 8yr 80,000 mile guarantee on the DPF framework.

The Advantages of Purchasing Exhaust Patterns

Buying fumes patterns for your vehicle, truck, or SUV gives a great deal of advantages. An exhaust cutout slice out valve permits you to uncap additional drive and sound at the track. While utilizing electronic patterns exhaust sidesteps the exhaust framework and ways out the pattern. This gives expanded force and pull. Additionally, it significantly raises exhaust noise.

While hoping to buy an exhaust pattern 3 inch is the most well-known size. However, in order to install the appropriate size, check the diameter of your pipe. JEGS offers a wide determination of exhaust patterns to redo your vehicle’s exhaust.

Purchasing quality exhaust patterns can be overpowering and confounding. There are a wide range of variables to consider while shopping exhaust patterns including various brands, costs, guarantees, execution capacities, and significantly more. Since there are numerous choices accessible, it is essential to investigate as needs be and get every one of your inquiries responded to preceding making a last buy.

In the event that you are attempting to get familiar with exhaust patterns, we can help you en route. JEGS makes an enormous choice of exhaust patterns available for purchase too. Here are a few solutions to habitually posed inquiries about exhaust patterns:

What Are Exhaust Patterns?

Exhaust patterns are short Y pipes that are set in the exhaust framework between the complex/header and the suppressors. The one finish of the “Y” interfaces with the exhaust framework, while the opposite end has either a plate or valve joined to it. The exhaust makes the same sound it did before installation when the plate is pressed against it or the valve is closed. Notwithstanding, when the plate is taken out or the valve is opened, the exhaust redirects through the opening rather than through the remainder of the exhaust.

This makes a lot stronger sound as well as further developed motor power and execution. The valve can also be electric, with a motor controlled by a switch mounted inside the passenger compartment, or mechanical, with cable operation. JEGS offers a huge assortment of exhaust patterns for procurement.

Step by step instructions to Introduce An Exhaust Pattern

To introduce an exhaust pattern, you really want to find a straight segment of exhaust pipe under the vehicle that is between the ventilation systems or headers and the suppressor. Preferably, the fumes cut out ought to be in a position so that when it is open, the fumes will handily exit free from the vehicle and be low profile enough not to decrease ground leeway.

You don’t believe that carbon monoxide should spill into the traveler compartment while standing by as this is hazardous to the driver and traveler’s wellbeing. When the area still up in the air, the exhaust pipe should be cut, enough to permit the pattern to fit. The pattern is then either braced or welded into place. In the event that it has a cover plate with wingnuts, guarantee they are fixed to forestall spills.

On the off chance that you are introducing an electric exhaust pattern, you should run the wiring into the traveler compartment with a change to mount it where you can undoubtedly get to it. You then, at that point, simply have to complete the wiring associations with complete establishment.

The cable must be routed and mounted where the knob can be accessed to open and close the valve if you are using a manual control exhaust cutout. A 3 inch exhaust pattern is the most well-known size utilized. However, in order to install the appropriate size, check the diameter of your pipe. A huge JEGS exhaust pattern determination is accessible to buy.

What Really do Debilitate Patterns Do?

The driver can control the flow of exhaust by either removing a cap or plate, pulling a cable, or pushing a switch (if electric exhaust cutouts are installed), which opens the exhaust where the cutout is, or by leaving it in its normal operation and exiting at the end of the exhaust, typically through the tail pipe(s). As the gases bypass the full exhaust and exit at the cutout, this will result in a much louder exhaust sound.

How Do Electric Debilitate Patterns Work?

Electric exhaust patterns JEGS makes available for purchase work by pushing a change to open and close the valve. The round door is opened or closed by a motor attached to the cutout, allowing or preventing exhaust gases from exiting through the cutout. A 3 inch electric exhaust pattern is the most well-known size, however affirm your exhaust pipe breadth prior to buying so it will fit accurately. JEGS exhaust patterns are ready to move to