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Culture! The masterpieces, beliefs, lifestyles, patterns, traditions, and experiences make up a particular society. Relocating to a new state or country comes with lots of stress. Sometimes, the main reason behind immigration is to seek a better life and other prevailing factors.

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There is a popular tagline among those who have immigrated to the United States of America, and it is called ‘Culture Shock'(a state of anxious confusion experienced by someone in an unfamiliar environment)

You will feel irritated, depressed, homesick, fatigued, and frustrated while trying to adjust.

On this note, I will share with you 7 tips to help you adapt to American culture in your adventure to a better life.

Welcome the new changes

Of course, this is no longer the place you are familiar with. For instance, time difference, weather, food, greeting, etc. Accept the new changes; it will help you cope with whatever you might encounter in the long run. The best thing you can do yourself is to feel at home.


Don’t shy away from talking or making new friends. Most Americans are fun and friendly to be with. Tell them where you are coming from and ask them questions about their lifestyles. Explore your neighborhood, sit at a pack, make small talk with people, share hobbies, etc. Be polite and humble while trying to fit in.

Learn to accept help

There is nothing wrong with accepting help from those who are already imbibed in the America culture. They might be fellow immigrants like you. But be careful.

Begin to learn their language

Before moving to this stage, you must have accepted the new environment. Understanding their common/official language(English) will make your stay less difficult. Research for words you do not understand on the internet, or you can equally ask someone to explain them to you.

Get used to their food.

Food is essential for survival, so try their local delicacies and see the one you can cope with, which might later become your favorite meal. Americans are known to be lovers of burgers, cheese, pasta, pizza, etc. Choose from any variety to soothe your hunger.

Apply for jobs

This will boost your level of interaction with people and also your self-confidence. Start from minor ones before entering into a major one. There are online sites that earn you money remotely. We have, Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, etc. You can also visit the local community centers for job opportunities that fit your skills.

Strive for more

When you feel you have gained comprehensive knowledge of American culture, seek ways to improve yourself. Go for seminars, workshops, training, etc. In your place of work. Also, you can further your education by taking courses online or physically. America is known to be one of the world power countries and is very competitive in its dealings with other nations. So becoming self-independent is highly valued in America. For example, you have your car, and house, pay your utility bills, pay taxes, etc.