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Purchasing a new home often means accepting that certain aspects aren’t designed for you. The house could be the perfect design, but areas like the primary bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are ripe for remodeling. An estimated 87 percent of homeowners choose to completely change the appearance when renovating a bathroom in their new homes.

Building a beautiful bathroom is more than following the latest bathroom trends on Pinterest and TikTok. You can find stunning ideas for your bathroom renovations through those mediums, but it’s vital to think of every possible thing when designing a bathroom for your use over the next few decades.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this helpful guide with eight great bathroom ideas for your new bathroom. Keep reading to build your dream master bathroom today!

1. Build Nooks and Extra Storage

Building a stunning bathroom is excellent for showing it off to guests, but it’s all for naught if you lack storage space. If your home’s bathroom is small, focus on building in rather than attempting to expand your space. Use the existing space to make the most of every cubic foot.

You can build soap dishes, cabinets, and toilet roll holders to maximize the space you’re renovating. It’s also wise to turn to recessed lighting for your bathroom to save space and add some luxury to your new bathroom. Your walls and corners are also perfect for built-in shelving to house toiletries, extra toilet paper, and dry towels.

2. Choose Your Ventilation

All bathrooms should have proper ventilation for the safety and health of your family. You can add ventilation to your home using a decent-sized window or an exhaust fan. Windows are an excellent addition to your bathroom since they allow airflow and natural light to enter the room.

Obscure Glass Windows are your best bet if you want additional privacy when renovating a bathroom. Fans are excellent if you know the exhaust capacity that your bathroom requires. Look at the volume of cubic air the fan can move per minute when comparing the best options for exhaust fans during your bathroom renovations.

3. Add Plants

A minimalist bathroom is futuristic and sleek but lacks a particular colorful aspect. Add some color and life to your new bathroom by adding some of your favorite plants into this space. Your bathroom plants should always be considered when designing a bathroom for your dream home.

Plants add the presence of nature to a relaxing space in your home. They also add color to what can feel like a sterile and dull space in many homes. A floating shelf is an excellent addition to your new bathroom, though you should also consider hanging plant baskets for your shower and bathtub area.

4. Choose the Best Flooring

You deserve the best flooring when renovating a bathroom in your new home. Solid wood flooring looks stunning and adds a touch of elegance to your new bathroom, but it won’t do well with the moisture in that setting. It’s best to consider more practical flooring options for your bathroom renovations.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent options since they easily handle moisture. Vinyl is another practical choice when you prefer the appearance of wood flooring without the extra maintenance it requires.

You can take your bathroom floors to another level of luxury by installing in-floor heating. Your feet will never be cold again during your morning restroom trip. It’s the perfect way to stay comfortable year-round.

5. Weigh Your Color Options

Another fun tip to use when renovating a bathroom is to weigh your options for colors in the bathroom. Color not only offers psychological benefits, but it also creates the impression of more space for smaller master bathrooms. Remain in the light or white-colored bathroom ballpark if you’re trying to make the appearance of a larger bathroom in your home.

Dark colors have the opposite effect, making spaces and rooms much smaller. You can use dark colors for the walls but always use light or off-white paint for your ceiling to keep an open appearance in your beautiful bathroom.

6. Find the Perfect Lighting

Your bathroom might look perfect, but bad lighting will undo all the progress you’ve made with your renovations. Your bathroom is the space in your home to inspect your appearance and care for your skin and hair. Poor lighting makes that task frustrating and results in a less-than-stellar look as you walk out the door.

The best approach is adding lighting around the bathroom to ensure it’s coming from more than one area. A central overhead light will not be well-suited for getting around for work or school. Use sconced lighting for a luxurious appearance without exposing your eyes to direct light.

7. Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are often pigeonholed into the role of helping you get ready for each day. Mirrors offer more benefits from a style and interior design standpoint. Not only do they give you a space to get prepared, but they also create the impression of more space, and they provide more natural light in your bathroom.

8. Install Hooks

You should also install hooks for hanging pictures and other decorations in your new bathroom. You can hang paintings you find at the local art festival and use other hooks for hanging towels and other bathroom essentials for easy access.

The back of your bathroom door is an excellent location for hooks. You’ll use less space while creating an area to hang your towels to dry when not in use.

Begin Renovating a Bathroom Today

Renovating a bathroom is high on many homeowners’ to-do lists, but thinking about bathroom ideas won’t make them manifest in your home’s master bathroom. Make the most of your space by adding nooks, corner shelving, and plants to provide color and life in your beautiful bathroom. Find the right flooring for your needs, and add a window for ventilation and natural light.

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