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On every social media platform, there is a time you are a beginner, and you may not know where to start. Instagram is one of the sites that are popular among most people. It is easy to access and visually appealing. Plus, it is not hard to know how to use it as a beginner. Everyone’s experience is different, and to get likes from real Instagrammers, grow your followers and boost engagement, you need to know some dos and don’ts to follow as a beginner.

Post interesting content

Instagram is a visual platform. Thus you need to post colorful photos and videos that are interesting. In this way, you provide value to your followers. Every time you post on Instagram, ensure your photos and videos evoke an emotion. It can be humor, happiness, motivation, love, nostalgia, or something else. Posting high-quality photos with a good amount of color have the most action from people.

Post stories

Remember, you will start gaining followers slowly as a beginner. Thus, you need your followers to start viewing content from you. Post stories of pieces that are less permanent. It can be videos or photos, and in 24 hours, they are not viewable. In this way, you offer a casual way to share, connect and interact with your followers. Plus, it is a way to integrate with other social media platforms. For instance, you can add a tweet from Twitter that resonates with you on your Instagram stories.

Tips to Follow as A Beginner On Instagram

Post often

To keep your followers interested and engaged, post often. Posting new content is vital even though you do not do it regularly. Once a week is fine. Plus, this does not mean flooding your page with over 20 posts a day. It should be frequent enough to keep the follower interested in you. Taking too long without a post can cost you some followers and having a dormant account.

Don’t overdo with filter effects

To enhance the style and look. Instagram provides filters you can apply to your photos. But, this trend is at its peak. People want to share pictures with a natural look but colorful. The filter effects can be tempting but limit the use. Plus, in most of them, keep the color and contrast normal.

Tips for Beginners On Instagram

Stay on top of Instagram trends

Check what is trending on Instagram and try them out on your page. It could be the shout-outs, hashtags, or any other thing. But remember, trends with time have an expiration date, and you need to stay in the know with what is trending. Therefore, if Instagram is the networking platform you want to use, it is vital to keep up with the current trends to avoid being left behind and being at risk of losing followers.

Interact with followers

Followers who like and comment on your photo are loyal, and you should interact with them. Ignoring them will drive them away. Instead, comment and like what they say to know you value them. Also, you can view their account and like some of their photos. Plus, there are tools to track comments. This will help you see which users interact the most with you. Optionally, there is a new feature Instagram added where you hide likes if you do not want to worry about how many people like what you post.

Beginner On Instagram

Experiment with shout outs

It is better to reach out to more people as you interact with your followers. Shout-outs are a great way to do this, and it is a way to reach more people. For instance, two or more users can agree to give each other shout-outs on their accounts. It is a technique by many users to grow their accounts.

Search and explore for new content

8 Tips for Beginners On Instagram

The magnifying glass icon on Instagram takes you to the search and explore page. Here you see content that suits your customer interest. This content is on the types of photos and videos you comment on and like. Also, the people you follow inspire what you find here. You can use the search bar to search here for users or browse this page to find subjects, hashtags, and more for new content.