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Since we are living in a global environment where outsourcing and daily foreign operations take place, translation of a business website becomes an essential part of success in 2022. It also helps to promote certain services and products globally by inspiring potential investors and foundations. Thankfully, translating or localizing your website today is much easier since there are solutions that provide customization that fits your vision.

8 Ways How to Translate Your Website in 2022

Approach Human Translation.

Even the large international companies often turn to Google Translate plugins that provide automatic translations. It is the wrong way to do things because only human translators can fully transpose your business vision and all the cultural points that must be included. Visit Languex Translation if you require fast, accurate, and affordable website translation.

Translate Your Social Media Platforms.

Since the majority of business sales today implement Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, integrating your social media platforms into your website is a must! Translate your posts, offer original content, and keep things constantly updated! It will also help to improve your SEO positions in various search engines as more related content will be tracked.

Start a Foreign Language Business Blog.

Consider starting a foreign language business blog with information that is specific to your branch or provided services. For example, if certain products are only offered in Japan, adding presentations or manuals to your Japanese website version will satisfy your Japanese customers.

Translate Your Video Instructions.

If you have a YouTube channel or series of private website videos that help to explain your services, your foreign customers must benefit from it as well. You can consider adding subtitles to videos or do a voice-over as you translate the explanations. It is recommended to start with this type of information right away as it can be shared on social media pages or email lists.

Technical Manuals.

All of your technical manuals must be translated by specialists who can provide you with technical translation experience. If you do not have any technical manuals per se, consider adding short tutorials or explanatory videos. It may be helpful for those countries where some products or services may still be new. It will help you to avoid confusion among your customers and will place you in a better business niche.

Information For Potential Investors.

This part is usually created separately as you form your investment proposals. It is where cultural and social points must be researched because if you only know market specifics, it may be insufficient. Talk to your localization expert, discuss key points with the stakeholders, and place all relevant information in a separate (additional, if not yet present) website section.

Legal Terms & Business Background.

The inclusion of this part is crucial for your website translation. Remember that it should not be a carbon copy of your legal documents because things work differently based on a specific country. Discuss this aspect with your legal advisor and contact the best translation localization services to approach certified specialists in the field of Law.

Intellectual Property Data Translation.

This part must be mentioned according to your local and international laws, which is why relevant documents must be provided in your local language and in the language of the target country. It must be done according to foreign laws and include references to patents, brands, and all other types of copyrighted information.

Ways How to Translate Your Website in 2022

Preparation Must Be Done In Advance

Localization always takes time even if you want to translate certain product manuals or promotional data that you have on LinkedIn. It is one of the reasons why many business companies procrastinate when it comes down to multilingual website creation. The trick is to start early and collect business data first by using an outline with objectives that you plan to achieve. Once you have it all envisioned, researched, and discussed with every party involved, it is high time to start with the translation of your website.


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