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Most jewelry items hold a special place in everyone’s life not because of their value, but for the memories associated with them. We understand your feelings; you have found the love of your life, and want to give them the most expensive and spectacular engagement ring you can find. Your love deserves to have the most stunning diamond ever found. However, large flawless diamonds are expensive and can be hard to find or afford. That’s absolutely okay! There are a plethora of ways to boost the wow factor of the ring you choose without breaking the bank.

While you can find many people who can help you plan a memorable engagement or wedding, we at A.JAFFE want to help you with the most special and important thing; the engagement ring. We are here to provide some tips that would help you make your engagement ring look more expensive. Let’s dive in.

Assign a priority to the cut

If you want your engagement ring to look more expensive and bigger than others, then consider the cut of the diamond. Most people think that the most popular way of getting a diamond that looks more expensive or bigger is to go higher in carat weight. However, certain factors decide how big a diamond should be. These include how properly it has been cut.

If a diamond has outstanding brilliance it will look more expensive. And to have excellent brilliance, a diamond should be cut perfectly. To make sure that the diamond you choose has magnificent brilliance we suggest you go for a diamond with a first-class cut grade.

Choose the shape of diamond prudently

This is another factor that can help determine how larger or expensive a diamond will look. Diamonds are cut into different shapes like marquise, round, oval, or princess. The shape of the diamond can be distinguished by the distribution of its mass. A diamond that has a larger top may look bigger but may not have the largest mass.

Are you wondering which diamond shape will look the most expensive? Among all shapes, the most expensive ones are oval, pear, marquise, and emerald cut diamonds. If you want your diamond to look larger and more expensive then your best bet is to choose an oval cut diamond. Oval-cut diamonds are a bit bigger and are more expensive than other diamond shapes.

Duchess Round Diamond Engagement Ring - A.JAFEE

Avoid some common diamond shapes

We discussed above that the shape of the diamond is distinguished by its carat weight. So while some diamond shapes look bigger per carat, others can look smaller per carat. If you are looking for the most expensive ring within your budget then avoid round, princess, and Asscher cut diamonds. Because of their cutting, they hide most of their weight under the table (or the top) of the diamond, hence it is best to avoid these shapes. The round shape is considered the costlier shape for a diamond because of its high demand. Due to the way they are cut, most of the mass of the diamond is on the underside that is generally not visible after it is set in a ring.

Enhance your diamond with a halo setting

Say yes to halo engagement rings. They are the most amazing option if you are looking for cheap diamond engagement rings that look glamorous and expensive.. Halo rings usually feature a large stone at the center which has smaller diamonds surrounding it. The extra sparkle of the side diamonds increases the size of the center diamond, making it look more expensive than other rings in the market. By opting for this style, you can boost the ring’s overall appearance without breaking your budget.

If you are looking for a luxury engagement ring then the halo setting is the best way to give a dramatic impact to your ring.

Consider going down in diamond color & clarity

Unlike the quality of the cut of a diamond, at times the color and clarity of a diamond will not have much impact on how expensive or bigger a diamond looks. So by going down the grading scale of diamond color and clarity, you can increase your budget and spend it to buy a larger center stone. Being flexible with the color and clarity of the diamond can free up your budget for a diamond that has a higher carat weight.

Opt for a slim setting

Another method to make the diamond in the center look more expensive is to opt for a very thin setting. If you choose a setting that has a thin band or slim prongs, the center diamond of your ring will look bigger and more expensive in comparison. However, if you choose wider bands and bulky prongs, the diamond on your engagement ring will look small and cheap. So always go for slim settings if you are looking for an expensive look for your engagement ring.

Metal choice matters

The metal you choose is important, as there are some fine metals that make your engagement ring look more expensive and bigger than others. Like white gold and platinum. The shimmery color of metals like white gold can enhance the look of your engagement ring and make it look better than expected, drawing praise from everyone. White gold blended in 18k has a perfect reflection, and it can be plated with rhodium to make it extra shiny. As this combination of metals is very affordable, you don’t have to break your bank balance when you choose to buy a ring made of it.

Don’t mix it up with your wedding band

We advise you not to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together on the same hand. If you wear both rings on the same hand then both of them will compete with each other for attention. The wedding band will give an appearance of a wider band and will easily distract from diamonds. So try not to wear both the rings on the same hand, instead wear your engagement ring on your right hand after marriage.

Pro tip:

Take proper care of your engagement ring and keep it neat and clean. Nothing will minimize its shine and sparkle like debris, dust, makeup, and lotion adhering to it.

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