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Looking for the right dental laboratory partner? It can be a lot like looking for love. Start by considering what you need in terms of values, skills and quirks. There are plenty of ways to go about it, exploring resumes online or asking your friends and family who they recommend, each with their own pros & cons. But if you follow these steps, you’ll soon find that special someone perfect for your business needs.

Define your goals

On your journey to find the perfect partner for your dental laboratory, it’s important to take into account all of the factors that will make this partnership successful. Australia’s leading dental laboratory Oceanic Dental says that you need to take the time to consider every factor that could help create a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. Ask questions about their equipment, software capability, product customization skills and customer service resources – all of which are essential components in getting it right. Customer service is key, think about how often communication between both parties would be beneficial in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. And don’t forget those involved who may have different ideas on which route they should next traverse, each one could add great value so keep an open mind too.

Identify your key attributes

When you’re looking for a dental lab partner, of course, turn-around time and pricing are likely your top priorities. But there’s more to consider:

  • Do they have years in the business?
  • What kind of tech do they use?
  • Up-to-date or outdated machines that need replacing?
  • Can they meet deadlines reliably or even exceed them on occasion?
  • How will customer service issues be handled quickly and professionally if something comes up down the line?

Asking these questions can help ensure you find just the right lab partner for success now as well into the future.

Set your budget

As you explore dental laboratory partnerships, make sure to outline your budget expectations right away. Establishing a price range upfront is essential for everyone involved as it offers room to be flexible while still staying within reasonable limits, ultimately leading to an agreement that’s beneficial for all. Having these parameters in place can help prevent excess fees or subpar work from being incorporated into major projects.

Research the market

Choosing a dental laboratory is an important decision. Start your search by researching the market online, looking at word of mouth and referrals from other dentists or patients. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, evaluate each one based on the quality standards they provide, services offered and cost efficiency to find which partner best meets your unique needs.

As you search for the perfect dental laboratory partner, be sure to consider the quality of their work. Observe how they conduct themselves and gauge if it meets your expectations, asking for samples from previous projects can also provide further assurance.

Ask if they make custom dental products

When you’re looking for the perfect dental laboratory partner, it’s important to ask all the right questions. An essential one is whether they specialise in custom dental products because you want assurance that your unique project can be handled expertly and delivered with precision. If a mouthguard or orthodontic appliance like brackets is what has been requested, make sure to inquire about those specific items too. Whether you need something special for an athlete or sports gear on a regular basis – establish if these types of projects fall within their expertise before making any commitments.

Evaluate each laboratory candidate

Get to know your laboratory candidates by evaluating their websites and searching for online reviews. Check what services they offer, how long the business has been established, and if any patient testimonials or before-and-after photos are available. You may discover useful insights from patients who have used both dental laboratories and dentists’ offices nearby (or even across town). It’s a great way to compare different providers before making an informed decision on which one you’d like to partner with.

Require a personal interview and demonstration of skills

Finding the right dental laboratory takes more than just words. You want to be sure they’re up to your standards with quality control, billing and quick turnaround times, so don’t settle for less. Where possible, take this opportunity to get a firsthand experience of what goes on inside their lab otherwise draw from previous customers who had similar needs as yours and find out which labs go above and beyond when it comes to delivering fantastic results that are always on time.

With the right approach, you can find the perfect dental laboratory partner for your business

Making the perfect match for your dental needs is much simpler than you think. Follow a few expert tips, and soon you’ll be partnered with just the right laboratory, one that offers high-quality results at an affordable price plus stellar customer service. Taking some time to research now can ultimately save you lots of headaches later, it’s worth every effort.