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Did you know your family can get sick from your air conditioning unit? In this AC repair Anna TX blog, I’ll explain the common issues that will make you sick and how to prevent them.

Investigating Common Issues – AC Repair Anna TX & How Your HVAC System Might Impact Your Health

Clogged Air Filter

The AC filter blocks harmful particles like dust, bacteria, pollen, and allergens from entering your house. As a result, it gets clogged over time and needs to be replaced. But if you keep using the clogged HVAC filter, it will make everyone in your house sick.

When the AC filter is blocked with harmful particles, these particles will get inside the AC and mix with the treated air. This way, the produced air gets contaminated with dust, bacteria, and other micro-particles. If you breathe such contaminated air, it is certain that you will get sick.

Sometimes, these particles can trigger various respiratory diseases, too. For example, you can have asthma, severe headache, nausea, or severe breathing problems, which can lead you to the ER. Moreover, if you have someone in your house who has asthma, you have to be more worried about changing the AC filter timely.

Apart from making everyone in your house sick, a dirty filter can damage the cooling unit. For example, when the filter is clogged, it blocks the airflow. Consequently, your A/C won’t get enough air supply to produce the desired cooling. Because of this, your cooling system will have to function longer, which will eventually lead to more wear and expensive repairs.

Considering all these, you must clean or change the filter regularly. If you live near an industrial area or in a city, you will have to do this more frequently than usual. That’s why it is advised to consult an HVAC expert to know the exact time for changing or cleaning the AC filter.


If you want superior indoor protection from outside particles and to keep everyone in your house safe from bacteria and other respiratory diseases, consider installing a HEPA or MERV air filter. These air filters can block the tiniest of the particles and are very effective. However, before installing such air filters, you must check the compatibility of the cooling unit. If you have an older cooling system, it is likely that it won’t be compatible with such a high-rated air filter. This is why you must consult a nearby HVAC professional before installing a HEPA or MERV air filter in your A/C.

Toxic Cleaners

For cleaning the air conditioning unit, many homeowners use cleaning agents that can be hazardous. That’s why, while choosing the cleaning agents, you must ensure you’re using the right type for your air conditioning unit.

When you use cleaning agents that contain toxins like phosphorus, ammonia, or chlorine, these hazardous chemicals can get mixed with the airflow and pollute the indoor air. If you breathe such polluted air, it is likely that you’ll have headaches, nausea, lightheadedness, and so on. In the worst-case, your nervous system and lung can get damaged and you’ll have to this your whole life.

Again, while cleaning the air ducts, if your HVAC cleaner uses chemical agents, it can cause similar sort of issues. One of the disadvantages of using chemical agents for air duct cleaning is that they have an after-cleaning smell, which isn’t very pleasant and can make your stay in your house very difficult. This is why you should use cleaning agents that don’t contain these harmful chemicals for air duct cleaning and cleaning the outside of the cooling unit. The best way to clean the AC and air ducts is by using a biological cleaning agent. This type of cleaning agent doesn’t have any hazardous chemicals and doesn’t make your house smell bad.

Clogged Air Ducts

Usually, the air ducts aren’t visible from the outside, and because of this, most homeowners forget to clean them. But if you keep the air ducts dirty, it’ll block the airflow and make everyone in your sick.

The air ducts work as a carrier to supply the treated air to the rooms. But when the air ducts are clogged or filled with dust, rodents, or mold, the treated air gets contaminated with these pollutants. When you breathe such polluted air, you’ll get sick and cause various respiratory diseases such as asthma, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, etc. These diseases can sometimes be deadly as well. This is why you should be alert about cleaning the air ducts.

It is advised to clean the ducts professionally every 3-4 years. An annual maintenance checkup is the best way to keep the ducts clean. If you search for “AC repair near Anna,” you’ll find several HVAC contractors in Anna who are ready to assist you with any HVAC problems or maintenance plans. Most of these contractors are well-equipped and experienced. You can trust these professionals for any HVAC-related issues.

While hiring HVAC professionals for air duct cleaning or repairs, you must ensure that the professionals have years of work experience and have licenses. Also, you’ll have to ensure they have high ratings on various platforms.


Apart from the above causes, you can get sick from refrigerant leaks. The best way to keep everyone in your house safe from HVAC issues is by doing the repairs timely and performing maintenance checkups.