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Keeping fish is a fun and rewarding hobby, and it’s even good for you! Keeping fish has plenty of therapeutic benefits, such as stress relief and a happier mood. However, many have a misconception that taking care of fish is easy.

Among the different components of an aquarium, the tank plays a crucial role. Its structure creates a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment for your pets. Fish enthusiasts swear by the famous brand Aqua Design Amano (ADA).

ADA tanks stand out among the different options available. It is a worthy vessel for your aquatic friends that offers exceptional quality and design. Do you want to give your fish the best tank?

In this guide, let us explore the factors to consider in buying a fish tank!

Why ADA Tanks?

Before diving into ADA tanks, you must understand their value in the aquarium market. Founded by the late Takashi Amano, ADA transformed the aquascaping world.

The brand provides quality materials, innovative technology, and aesthetic design in one. ADA tanks embody the principles of Nature Aquarium, seeking to recreate the beauty of underwater landscapes in an aquarium.

If you choose an ADA tank for your aquatic friends, you buy beyond gallons of water. You invest in a piece of art and habitat designed to nurture the health and happiness of your fish.

What to Consider in Purchasing a Tank?

Choosing the best fish tank ensures a suitable and thriving environment for your aquatic friends. So, what do you need to look for in a home aquarium?

Tank Shape and Size

In a home or office setup, one of the first things you want to consider is the shape and size of the tank. This can affect the number and types of fish you can keep.

If you are a new aquarium owner, experts recommend avoiding tanks under 10 gallons. Managing small aquariums is more challenging than large ones as toxins build up fast. Instead, opt for a large fish tank that can carry 20 gallons of water.

A large fish tank offers more stable water parameters and a more diverse range of fish. However, you also want to consider the space you have in your home.

ADA tanks offer various sizes and shapes. This allows you to choose a fish tank that can complement your living space.


As an aquarist, it is crucial to consider the weight of the tank. This will ensure the safety and stability of your setup.

ADA tanks are famous for their lightweight yet durable structure. They are suitable for different setups, whether on sturdy tables or stands. For safety and stability, consider the weight-bearing capacity of the setup.

For instance, a 15-gallon tank can weigh more than 200 pounds when filled. Placing the vessel on a shelf or desk can cause it to collapse. With this, set up your fish tank in places with matched weight-carrying capacity.

Keep in mind never to place your fish tank under direct sunlight. Doing so can cause excessive algae growth, temperature fluctuations, and risk of overheating.

Material Build and Quality

Consider the material and build when looking for the best fish tank. ADA tanks guarantee durability and longevity with high-quality materials. ADA tanks reduce distortion, providing a crystal-clear view of your home or office aquarium.

Aside from the glass, consider the frame of the fish tank. This is a crucial step that ensures structural integrity and aesthetics. With a sturdy frame, you can guarantee your aquarium has the support and durability it needs.

For home aquariums, ADA tanks often feature sleek and minimalistic frames. It builds a reliable structure for your aquatic habitat. If you want an obstructed view, ADA offers a rimless aquarium.

Filtration and Lighting System

Fish tanks can accumulate debris, algae, and waste. This results in poor water quality, health issues, and decreased vitality among the aquatic life. To retain good water quality, install an efficient filtration system on your tank.

ADA Tanks feature reliable filters that provide mechanical and biological filtration. These keep the water clear and free from substances, promoting a healthy aquatic environment. Aside from filters, the brand installs enough lighting in its fish tanks.

A lighting system is another crucial component in a home aquarium. With ADA tanks, you can enjoy a range of lighting options used to enhance its visual appeal. Its adequate lighting helps with photosynthesis, ensuring your aquatic plants receive enough energy.


When looking for the best fish tank, do not forget the accessories. These help in enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of the vessel. From plant substrate to gravel, equip your fish tank with the right accessories.

ADA tanks offer different accessories for enhanced aquatic life. They include aquatic plant fertilizers, carbon dioxide systems, and decors. To meet your needs as an aquarist, the brand provides a comprehensive range of products.

Type and Number of Fish

What kinds of fish and plants do you plan to keep in your home aquarium? When choosing a fish tank, consider the number and type of species. Overcrowding can lead to stress and aggressive behavior among your fish.

Moreover, placing an excessive number of aquatic life can compromise water quality. ADA Tanks provide enough space for a range of fish. However, you must know the needs of the species you plan to keep.

Think about the compatibility of different fish species and their size needs.

Some fish you can keep are guppies, platies, and clownfish. With their nature, these species adapt well to different tank conditions. Look for clownfish for sale today to start your aquarist journey!

Factors to Consider When Choosing ADA Tanks

ADA tanks stand out amongst different aquarium options, and for good reason. It combines form and function to give your aquatic friends the best underwater living experience. From design to accessories, choose the best fish tank for your pet!

Assess the different components of ADA tanks to ensure an ideal aquatic environment! Want to learn more about caring for fish? Check out our other blog posts to discover more about fish care.