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It is that season to bundle up. There are plenty of warm-feeling hot fashions for the coat or jacket seasons. Coastal nights with a breeze are cool and comfortable. Winter can contain icy winds and your jacket needs good windbreaking characteristics.

Look cool, keep warm, and show style with a little more design than a woollen pullover. Don’t get me wrong, a cardigan-style pullover is versatile in an altering climate. That’s the problem with a coat or jacket, you want to wear it, not carry it.

  • Will a sporty varsity zip style or track jacket be enough to cut the cool breeze at the match or will you need a bomber jacket? Light windbreakers are a functional fashion that will keep a light chill off.
  • Single-breasted coats and single or double-breasted trench coats are for heavier weather. Don’t undervalue a cotton trench for a long option to wrap yourself in throughout multiple seasons.
  • Global stripe and puffer jacket are produced with added insulation, and quilted thickness, and tiny internal air pockets to keep your heat in and cold out.
  • Classic leather bombers or denim jackets have a style all their own. They are of heavier material and provide weather protection with comfort. Denim jackets for women still go with everything. Denim has a stronger appeal than ever. From casual to chic, denim blends into many outfits.
  • Single or double-breasted, slim-fit, oversized, or relaxed blazers can adapt to fit many fashion styles. Their use in weather will vary on material, but they trend in fashion.
  • A gilet in any material can be fashion or function. These sleeveless jackets adapt well to a cooler outdoor activity. They keep your core warm and allow freedom of movement.
  • Fleece as a material is excellent for comfort in a cold environment. I find their fashion lacking but that depends on designers.
  • The further South you go, a parka will look more attractive. Warm is much more fashionable than cold. Keep your core warm in the coldest environments with a parka that extends past your waist.

Current trends for jackets are lightweight and muted colours. Neutral, grey, or classic black or white are the go-to colours for anyone. The most versatile jacket colour is green. Green works because our eyes see more shades of that colour than any other.

Your wardrobe should have 2-3 jackets for each season. Sunny, warm, cool, cold, or rainy you will need to cover yourself with options. A cropped double-breasted blazer or cotton twill, or a leather moto-vest fit fashion more than function, and that makes them hot in any season.

Including a scarf, muffler, bandanna, or cravat can boost the style and help to keep you warm on a cool night and shaded from the sun on a hot day.

However you wear it, an extra layer is for protection. Don’t add a layer, increase your environmental fashion flexibility with great coat and jacket options in your wardrobe.