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A Japanese car auction is a very vast market, and we all know it. People from all around the globe tend to buy it. The cars are reliable and worth a shot. Moreover, over 20,000 Japanese vehicles are available in the Japanese car auction on average. There is enough stock available in the market to get what you deserve.

Furthermore, there are trustworthy exporters you can consult and clear your doubts. Those traders will help you get your car to your doorstep. In addition, buying a car from a Japanese car auction is relatively easy. There are fewer scams unless you let yourself become gawky. Let’s checkout the advantages of buying through a Japanese auction.

Cost-effectiveness of Japanese vehicles

Once going to market, you have checked your pockets, didn’t you? Well, it’s the same for cars. But Japanese cars are much cheaper than European or American automobiles, which won’t let you pay through your nose. Due to many stocks, as we have mentioned above, you can get according to your budget. Every week, there are over 180,000 vehicles in the auction. It includes trucks, bikes, and other automobiles.

Make sure to calculate the auction fee and an edition 10% sale tax of what car you will bid. These are different amounts.

Are Japanese cars better than other cars

Inspected Vehicles

Every vehicle of the Japanese car auction is inspected by the professionals working there. One of the great things is an inspection sheet is also provided with the car. Consumers can go through every nitty-gritty detail of the car. The past accidental history and every dent of the car is mentioned on the sheet. From this, the buyer can figure what they are purchasing from the auction. Also, there is grading listed on the sheet, which explains the car’s condition. It is explained as A, B, C, D, and E.

  • A – The car is in excellent condition.
  • B – The can small scratches or dents, still a good condition.
  • C – Little bit bigger dents. It is an average car.
  • D – The condition of the car is below average; there are a lot of dents and scratches.
  • E – The vehicle requires some maintenance, like the paintjob.


There aren’t only local cars, but branded cars like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and other popular vehicles are also on the list. There is a separate auction house for Toyota, which is called TAA (Toyota Auto Auctions), one of Japan’s monumental auctions.

High-Quality Vehicles

With less cost, the Japanese car auction has a ton of top-notch vehicles. The cars are passed through strict inspections. Moreover, the earlier owners must get their car inspected, so they don’t face the music. The Japanese government has strict policies about cars. The Japanese vehicles go through Shaken inspection test every two years. So, you don’t worry about the condition of the car. As we have mentioned above about the inspection sheet, the details are mentioned. In addition, the cars have good mileage and better fuel efficiency. The cars seemingly new even if you are buying a used Japanese car.