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Do you need coffee every day first thing in the morning to feel wide awake? Most of us need coffee to function and get through the day before opening our eyes. The instant boost of adrenaline instantly lifts our mood making us actively get through the day. However, coffee is not a great option as it can mess up our metabolism or cause anxiety.

This article is for you if you get anxiety from coffee but can’t do without it. We are letting you know some healthier alternatives for coffee that boost energy and improve your health. Here are some great options!

Coffee Alternatives to Stay Awake!

Coffee is a great morning energizing drink, but it has drawbacks. Most people go through inflammation in the body because of it, while others deal with anxiety. It is not the healthiest drink; hence, you must look for good alternatives. Here are some coffee alternatives that do a great job of keeping you wide awake:

●        Apple Cider Vinegar

Most people underestimate the power of apple cider vinegar and what it can do to your body. It is a great drink that can help energize you and reduce bloating. Most people like apple cider vinegar as a morning weight-loss drink, but it also experiences great health benefits.

It is advisable to have apple cider vinegar once daily to speed up your metabolism. One of the best things about it is that it does not cause anxiety or inflammation. Apple cider vinegar has great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties improving your overall health.

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●        Green Smoothies

If you deal with acute and chronic inflammation, it is best to have green smoothies instead of coffee. Coffee can be a potential trigger for inflammation-causing adverse health effects. A green smoothie is full of rich fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants giving you a good energy boost.

A green smoothie is perfect for losing weight and a healthy breakfast and gives you energy. It is a great fuel for the body and is best to have in the morning. You can try different types of spinach and kale smoothies at home. You can find simple recipes all over the internet or do a simple innovation to make one that best suits your taste.

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●        Green Tea

Most people see green tea as a healthy drink or a drink to boost weight loss. While green tea is great for weight loss, it also has antioxidants that can boost energy. Coffee causes bloating; however, green tea helps fasten your metabolism and reduce it.

Most people with acne cannot have coffee as it triggers their hormones. However, green tea has great re-energizing ingredients that help clear your skin. Green tea is great for gut health, improving your digestive system drastically. You can have two-three cups of green tea a day without feeling anxious or bloated.

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●        Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is a great option if you switch from coffee to a healthier drink to boost your metabolism and improve your health. Turmeric milk is God’s gift to humanity because of its insane health benefits. It is a great drink to boost energy and improve your immune system.

Turmeric is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and energy-boosting components. Try turmeric milk if you want a drink that delivers health benefits and tastes great. Turmeric milk is easy to make, and you can prepare it differently. You can add black pepper and honey to make it even more beneficial for your health.

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●        Matcha Tea

If you are a caffeine lover, you will love matcha tea because it has low content. It has low caffeine yet enough to open your eyes wide open. Matcha tea helps clear your mind and gives a much-needed kick of energy.

It is full of antioxidants that your body will undoubtedly appreciate strengthening your immune system. It not only gives an energy boost but also detoxifies your body. You can make matcha tea, a matcha smoothie, or a matcha latte from the powder. It also helps in improving brain power and boosting productivity and performance. If you are looking for a coffee alternative with similar effects on your body, matcha tea should be our ride-or-die.

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Final Verdict

Coffee addiction is very real, and it can be torturous not to have it daily. While leaving coffee and moving on to a healthier alternative is hard, it isn’t impossible. Many coffee alternatives out there taste just as good but a lot healthier.

If you have anxiety, it is best to stop having coffee and switch to other low-caffeine options. Green tea, matcha latte, turmeric milk, etc., are some healthy options that most people like. Try coffee alternatives out and sort your health for life!