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You can never predict when you’ll get into a car accident. You spend a lot of time driving safely, but out of nowhere, something unexpected happens and causes a crash.

Unfortunately, accidents lead to a lot of expenses in the United States. Reports show that damages because of car crashes almost totalled $500 billion in 2021.

If you’re in this situation and are struggling to get compensation from a crash, having the right auto lawyers by your side can make a difference. Keep reading to learn how to find the best attorney for the job.

1. Look for Relevant Experience

The legal world is complex, no matter what field of law you’re in. Each field has a ton of unique laws relevant to those fields. That makes understanding everything too hard for an individual car accident lawyer.

Because of that, hiring car accident lawyers in Edwardsville with experience handling cases like yours is essential. Look specifically for car accident attorneys during your search. Once you have a list, record the contact information of those claiming to have car accident experience.

Once you speak to attorneys, determine what kinds of car accident cases they work on. If you can, stick with attorneys with a track record of winning cases similar to yours.

2. Verify the Fees

It’s challenging to decide to hire a lawyer if you’re considering how much they cost. Many lawyers charge expensive retainers and hourly fees, so many people may do things alone.

But there are other options in an accident case. Some attorneys also work on a contingency, which means they won’t charge a penny unless they win your case.

Ask an attorney how their fee structures work when deciding this. A minor case may be fine on an hourly rate. But if you work with Edwardsville lawyers for some time, hiring an attorney on contingency may make more sense.

3. Examine Their Resources

You’ll have a big accident case in some cases. The wreck was complex and had a lot of little details to it. Without the proper resources, an attorney may not be able to handle all the work.

Make sure the firm you hire has enough bandwidth to handle the case. If there is a lot of research and paperwork, the lawyer should have a staff available to handle the work.

Another thing to consider is expert witnesses. Experts may need to testify to certain facts during the case. The attorney you hire should have access to those experts to ensure you have the facts on your side.

4. Ask About the Caseload

Even if an attorney has the resources to handle large cases, it doesn’t mean they have enough for your case. Some attorneys take on a lot of cases at once, despite already having too much to handle.

Make sure an attorney has room to handle your case before you hire them. You want to ensure they give your case the attention it deserves.

Otherwise, they run the risk of missing a small detail. Those details can be the difference between a successful accident claim and one that isn’t.

5. Get a Free Consultation

Lawyers who try to get new clients often give free consultations to prospects. They know that they need to build trust before someone hires them. By giving insight and advice to potential customers, they do just that.

Many lawyers will speak to you for free before you decide to hire them. They can briefly look at your case and tell you what they think you can expect when proceeding with it.

The attorney will help you understand your chance of success, the process, and how long they expect the case to take. Use this time to evaluate their skill and ability to listen to your needs.

6. Check for Trial Experience

In the best-case scenario, you’ll handle your accident claim out of court. You’ll settle with the insurance company and other parties, giving you the money you need to recover.

But not all cases go that smoothly. In some cases, especially cases with more money on the line, you may struggle to get a settlement and end up in court.

Unfortunately, some attorneys may try to avoid court at all costs or not have much courtroom experience. Ensure the accident attorney you hire isn’t hesitant to take your case to trial and has a history of winning in court.

7. Speak With Your Actual Lawyer

In larger firms, it’s not uncommon for cases to pass to other attorneys in the firm. You may speak with an attorney that sounds reasonable and can likely handle your case, but once you sign with a firm, another attorney handles the casework.

It’s fine when this happens and is common. However, you should know when this will happen.

Before signing with a firm, verify the attorney handling your case. You want to vet them as well as the law firm you hire.

8. Get References

You don’t need to look for an attorney on your own. Countless people have been where you are before. And the good news is that many of those people leave reviews and give references.

Start with your close network. Ask family and friends if they know any lawyers or have used one in the past.

If you get no hits there, expand your search to Google. Reputable firms like will have plenty of positive reviews on Google reviews and other websites. Check the pros and cons of each firm listed in the reviews to make a short list of reputable attorneys.

Choose the Right Auto Lawyers

Dealing with a complex accident case can be intimidating. You aren’t getting the settlement you deserve, so you must go through the legal process to get the help you need.

The last thing you want is to go through this process alone. The right auto lawyers can help you navigate the legal process, negotiate settlements, and get the right help. Hire the right accident lawyer to ensure you see a settlement in your case.

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