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Becoming a new parent is undoubtedly one of the greatest joys of life. But amid all the excitement and baby bliss, they also bring the responsibility of providing the best quality of care at all times. One of the difficult tasks is your newborn’s first bath and it should be full of love and warmth. So it becomes the best opportunity for loved ones to bond with the child. This is when you should start searching for some safe and gentle anti dandruff shampoo that contain nourishing ingredients.

But while choosing the products, most of us rely too much on peer’s advice and leave our common sense out. What makes it worse is that some brands offer products that contain harmful chemicals and can harm your baby’s delicate skin. This blog post will take you through some of the best baby care products you could buy online and some expert tips to help you use them for the best results.

Which baby care products should you opt for?

Some gentle, effective, and natural baby bath products such as baby soap, baby shampoo, baby lotion, and moisturizers make a baby’s bathing experience fulfilling. Once babies start crawling, eating, or dropping solid foods, or liquids, they get dirty, making it essential to clean their skin with a nourishing bath.

We advise you to use the products formulated with natural extracts and ingredients that are safe for your baby. This guide will share a list of baby essentials you need to choose, baby bathing safety tips, and a list of harmful chemicals to avoid while buying baby products.

What are some of the best baby bathing essentials to start with?

The right products turn the bath time into an enjoyable and luxurious experience for the baby. One should thus start with a trusted and reputed brand. We recommend choosing Mamaearth’s baby care products because they are safe, gentle, effective, and made from natural and toxin-free ingredients.

Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand to be certified by Made Safe. Its products are certified by FDA and PETA because this home-grown brand places a lot of importance on its stringent testing processes. Its products are all free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

  • A soft and durable washcloth:A good washcloth is thick, soft, and easily washable. It is an essential bath product as it protects the baby during bathing. We recommend buying a pair of 2-4 washcloths made from cotton, bamboo, flannel, or nylon.
  • A Nourishing Bathing Bar: Opting for baby soap is a difficult task. This is where you should check for certain safety certifications and the list of ingredients used in the product. Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Soap is the one that contains Goat Milk, Shea Butter, and Oatmeal that offer gentle cleansing and moisture to the skin.
  • A Deep Nourishing Body Wash: Choose a baby body wash that contains natural cleansers such as Aloe Vera and fruit essential oils. It should contain deep hydrating properties and a tear-free formulation.
  • A Soothing Baby Massage Oil: This is one of the important baby care products. Though it does not come under baby bath products, it is advisable to massage your baby regularly before bathing them as it helps build healthy bones and smooth skin.
  • Baby Shampoo: A shampoo with tear-free formula and nourishing ingredients will be helpful in gentle cleansing of hair, managing the scalp’s pH levels, and making them softer and smoother.
  • A Moisturizing Lotion for Babies: Babies have dry skin that attracts various skin diseases. This makes it necessary for parents to keep them moisturized at all times. Massaging a baby’s body with a hydrating moisturizer will deliver essential nutrients, keeping it smooth and safe.
  • A Talc-Free Baby Powder: A natural baby powder for babies is necessary when buying baby bath products. It will help prevent diaper rash, and calm and soothe the baby’s skin, thus making it softer and silkier.

Tips for Setting Up a Baby Bath Routine

Here are some expert tips that you could use to set up your baby’s first bathing schedule.

  • Avoid taking your phone to the bathroom when bathing your baby.
  • Do remember to pick a convenient time for bathing your baby.
  • Gather all the baby bath productsbefore you start bathing.
  • Monitor the water temperature. It should be between 37 to 38 degrees Celsius.
  • Take off your watch and jewelry while bathing the baby. Else, it may hurt him.
  • Use gentle Mamaearth baby bath productssuch as baby body wash to clean the diaper area from front to back.
  • Never leave your baby unattended for a single minute.
  • Place a non-skid mat in your bathroom as it will prevent chances of accidents.
  • Remove your baby gently from the tub while supporting her head and neck, and quickly wrap their head in a soft towel.

Which harmful chemicals should you avoid in baby care products?

Being a parent should motivate you to provide the best care to your child. However, you should choose safer and toxin-free baby care products to do so. You should thus avoid these potentially harmful chemicals that harm your baby’s skin.

  1. Bleach: Applying beach on the skin can cause certain skin reactions such as eye irritation, blurry vision, burning sensations, and difficulty breathing. 
  2. Sulfates: Avoid buying baby bath products that contain sulfates in concentrations greater than 2%. They can be harsh on the skin and cause various skin problems. They are responsible for increasing foams in bath products.
  3. Parabens: This harmful substance is used to extend the shelf life of body care products. They can be found responsible for various healthcare and skincare concerns.
  4. Tributyltin: Found in the top sheet and adhesive areas of disposable diapers, it can cause serious harm to your baby. This substance is toxic to marine life too.

How can you restore your skin’s natural glow?

Just like baby care, you should also devote enough time to your skincare routine. Maintaining a basic CTM rule for your skin can help restore the skin’s pH levels. The second step in the skincare routine is toning your skin.

Toning your skin with Mamaearth’s Face Toners can help cleanse deep-rooted impurities, dust, grime, and excess oil. These toners are made of natural and toxin-free ingredients that deeply hydrate and effortlessly cleanse your skin pores. Their regular application helps tighten open and enlarged pores and restores the skin’s pH balance, thus making the skin brighter and firm.

Picking the Best Baby Bath Products Online

Summing up!

Your baby’s body is delicate, especially in the first few years. Therefore, ensuring that the products you opt for do not contain ill effects during the initial years is important. We recommend you choose the Made Safe Certified products made from natural ingredients.

For example, you can opt for nourishing baby bath products, and the best face toner by Mamaearth benefits your skin. All the products are curated with the goodness of nature. In addition, Mamaearth is a plastic-positive brand that plants a tree for every order it receives and fulfills from its website.