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The right to have and own guns is a right that most Americans hold dear. To many citizens, guns are the ultimate form of safety and protection against threats. Law-abiding, legally registered gun owners follow every rule. The majority of them are model gun owners. They will argue it is not gun control that should be debated when someone’s actions result in a crime but other matters, such as mental health support.

Gun control is not about taking guns away. It’s about responsible use and adequate background checks before sale. It’s about storing firearms safely and keeping them out of children’s hands. They are not accessible to individuals who pose a public safety threat.

Some of the best arguments about gun control are based on unbiased facts and statistics demonstrating responsible gun ownership.

Gun Detection Tech Can Increase Gun Control by Quickly Identifying Weapons

In places with many people, it’s easier to conceal a weapon and cause harm. AI and gun detection technology have progressed so much that it’s easier than ever to identify concealed guns and weapons.

For arenas and stadiums, ticket venues and attractions, casinos, workplaces, and schools, gun detection technology can be set up where people are protected effectively and efficiently without additional manpower. This can revolutionize public safety and identify gun violence potential before an incident occ

There Is a Safe Gun Culture That Already Falls Within Gun Control

Across North America, millions of gun owners operate within the gun culture and whose actions fall within those parameters. To them, gun control measures would likely not affect them very much, if at all. From gun ranges open to the public to responsible gun storage and use, gun control is not targeting gun owners but irresponsible gun ownership and violent usage.

Gun Control Respects the Lives of Gun Violence Victims

So many gun violence incidents have occurred over the past two decades, with very no political action taken. Mass shootings continue across North America without significantly altering gun control laws. Some might say enacting more powerful gun control would respect the lives of those lost to gun violence.

Strict Gun Control Laws Means Less Gun-Related Deaths

Stringent firearm legislation guards against high gun-related deaths. The United States, for example, has 4.96 gun-related deaths per 100,000, while countries like the UK (1.2), Australia (0.89), and Germany (0.95) have a much lower number in part due to stricter laws.

Assault Weapons Are Often Used in High-Profile Mass Shootings

Assault weapons, i.e. semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines and easily mountable accessories, have been used in several mass shootings. For gun control advocates, targeting a ban on these extremely advanced forms of weaponry means that in a mass shooting event, one may have to use a lesser gun. This one is slower and ultimately causes far less harm than an assault gun.

Mass Shootings Often Occur with Legally-Owned Guns

There is the argument that, even if gun laws were stricter, a person who needed them would eventually find a gun illegally. Mass shootings, however, are almost always done with legally owned guns. Therefore, a tighter leash on who receives a gun and what context could improve public safety.

Guns Make High-Stress Situations Significantly More Deadly

Many people enjoy the thought of having a gun at home for self-defence. However, studies have shown that having a gun at home is 22 times more likely to be used in the murder of a family member, a suicide, or an accidental shooting than it is to be used for protection. During a stressful moment or in stressful circumstances, guns can make things deadly like nothing else does.

There Are Already Restrictions on Who Can Own a Gun

Gun control is already present in all parts of the country. Whole demographics are excluded from gun ownership, including convicted felons and anyone subject to a domestic violence protective order.

Background Checks and Waiting Periods to Buy a Gun Work

It can be argued that the best way to deter and prevent gun crime is not to ban access to guns outright. Instead, it is to monitor their sale better. Conducting background checks, having background check requirements, and having waiting periods between applying for a gun and receiving a gun have all been shown to minimize gun violence.

Certain Environments Would Benefit from Gun Bans

While a gun ownership ban is inappropriate, saying no to guns in environments such as public school students carrying them on school grounds is not unreasonable. This is also true in childcare facilities, prison grounds, and similar settings. Keeping guns away from these and other settings improves safety for everyone there.