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Baby at a family dining table is one of the best moments for any parents.

If your baby reached 1 year then this is the best time to see your baby at the family dining table.

This one of the best moments where you have to focus on the happiness of the face of the baby, so, give your baby a choice to choose the food and don’t force to consume extra vitamin and protein.

Your baby is ready to join you on the dining table for every meal which you consume. Yes, when the baby turns one year old then they can eat all types of regular food which you eat.

I know you eat good enough and high-quality food with lots of vitamins, minerals, and the perfect gram of protein. But, when you have a baby then it became more important to evaluate and modify the regular family meal.

So, before you get the list of the best food to nourish your one-year-old baby, I try to give you some answers to some important questions which may come to your mind.

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How to modify meals for a baby?

There are some points which we knew that they can harm our body but we not consider them as a problem but when you have a small baby as a family member then you have to show some seriousness about these small points.

  1. Try to eliminate all types of packing food from your house.
  2. Try to use only fresh material when you cook food.
  3. Always give seasonal fruits and local vegetables to your new-born baby.
  4. Use nuts, seeds, leaves, roots, and green vegies more in daily meals.
  5. Give sweets or snacks after every meal to your baby. So, he/she can show interest in all types of foods.


Precautions which you must have to consider before giving any food to your baby.

This is one of the most common mistakes which parents do when you try something new as food for your baby, one point always you have to consider.

That point is food allergies.

When you introduce new food to your baby then watch the material used in this food and how much he/she consume and check whether this food is allergic to your baby or not.

When your baby eats always check your baby carefully to avoid choking incidents. So, always try to give small pieces to your baby so your baby can easily eat them.

List of Food which you can give to nourish your 1-year-old baby.

Below we give some list of food, all the food is a must for your baby. According to one American research when a baby reaches 1 year old then your baby needs a minimum of 1000 calories per day.

So, if you don’t want to follow our food list then no problem you must take care of the number of calories your baby take per day.

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Banana, graphs, or any soft fruits

As your baby is one year old then your baby has aged enough to eat and digest some soft fruits. If you give your baby banana daily then you will avoid lots of medicines and chemicals in the coming years.

Eating food is also a good habit that you try to develop in your baby.

Curd, Milk, and milk products.

We all know milk as a great source of vitamins and minerals which is also best as protein and calcium for your baby.

I talk about milk which may be a mother’s breast milk if your baby is very small and this can be cow milk but always avoid dairy milk.

Dairy milk is one of the worst products which you ever eat. So, if you don’t have the resources to get cow milk then please don’t give dairy milk or dairy products to your baby.


This is also very soft and easy to swallow and digest for your baby, and the baby will love it if you choose the perfect flavor in oatmeal.

Oatmeal is a nutritional powerhouse and if you choose homemade oatmeal over packet then this works as a cherry on the cake for your baby.