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2022 has been an amazing year for technology and science. From AI-powered robotic machines to smart home assistants, we have seen amazing tech gadgets bringing innovation to the table.

Moreover, new and improved internet technology has made connections seamless and consistent. Also, internet service providers are enhancing cable, Wi-Fi, and satellite technology to enable more network reach with better speeds, like Spectrum internet. Visit here to view their plans and enjoy next-gen internet technology. Finally, these improvements are enabling more technological advancements with the internet of things and infrastructure.

However, there is so much smart technology everywhere that sometimes it becomes impossible to follow everything. So, we have put together this smart guide with all the amazing technology to get in 2022.

Petoi Bittle – STEM Robot Dog

The Petoi Bittle is a small robot dog designed for fun but also STEM work. It is developed and manufactured by a small startup company, Petoi, who are aiming to produce simple yet revolutionary pets.

The little robotic dog is capable of big things. It can walk, play, do tricks, and do everything that a normal dog can. Moreover, it can handle every terrain, and you can teach it various skills for it to memorize and perform. Some amazing features of this robot dog include being controllable via phone, easily programmable, having an open-source platform, and can handle up to 450g of weight.

The Couch Console – Self-Balancing Holder

If you casually sit around on the couch or bed to watch, work, or play, you must have trouble adjusting everything yourself. If that’s the case, then this Couch Console is for you. It has a beautiful compact design and great functionality for everyday use. The different features of Couch Console include a cup holder, snack box, USB charging port, Phone, remote holder, and extra storage space for you to keep other useful things.

Another great feature of this console is its self-balancing. For that, it packs in a gyroscope system, which removes the issue of holding your cup straight every time, so you don’t spill your drink even if things get intense.

Plant Pot – Levitating Design

A pot looks best when it is elegant, inviting, and unique but also big enough to hold a bunch of flowers or a nice plant. Moreover, it should fit perfectly in any spot and amplify the décor. And that is exactly what Air Bonsai Plant Pot does, and if that is not enough, it also levitates.

The levitating pot is built with a resin material that is robust and also provides a beautiful texture. On the bottom, it has magnetic coils and sensors that suspend and rotate it in the air. Finally, it comes with a power cable that makes all of this possible. The best features of this pot include a floating design with 360-degree rotation, up to 300g of plant capacity, and it goes with every décor.

Govee Hexagon Light Panels

If you want a cool lighting design to go with your room or gaming setup, then consider getting Govee Hexagon light panels. These LED wall lights look and feel amazingly unique and you can make any design with them to go with your decoration or setting.

Moreover, it packs in smart LED lights that are controllable via a smart app, assistant, and whatnot. Also, the app allows extra benefits, like Music & Scene modes, sharing effects, and daily scheduling. Some cool light features include RGB lighting with 28 preset effects animation, easy installation, app and voice-controlled, and six modes for music.

Ekster Parliament – Smart Wallet

When everything is getting upgraded, the accessories should also get some. Gone are the days of only cards and cash space in your wallet and also losing it at some point. Now you have the Ekster Parliament; a smart wallet with built-in GPS.

The best thing about this wallet is its sleek and compact design which makes accessing money easier. Moreover, it has built-in RFID protection so your cards don’t leave your wallet without your permission. Also, it has some more amazing techniques that include 60m Bluetooth coverage, solar tracker, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa supported, and premium build.

Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Wireless Charger

The magnetic levitating lamp looks like something straight out of Hogwarts. This lamp uses the maglev technique to hold the bulb part on top and the QI wireless charging space on the bottom. Pretty cool, right?

Setting up the lamp is simple; you plug it into power on the gadget and suspend the bulb portion. The bulb will start floating effortlessly. The science behind this is the magnetic induction between the two parts that gives power to the bulb, which you can turn on or off from the base. Lastly, a few notable features of this lamp include its full-touch controls, fall-proof structure, warm white light, and the QI wireless charger at the base.

Apricorn Aegis – Secure USB C Flash Drive

As cybercrimes are rising, the need for better and more advanced online security is increasing. Many companies are doing their best to develop advanced cybersecurity software to counter threats. However, one such company did so with USB flash drives. Although after the advancements in internet technology, USB drives are somewhat old-school now, the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3NXC is different and great for those who still carry around data physically.

The Secure Key is a USB C flash drive with a built-in locking mechanism, circuit, battery, and alphanumeric keys. Moreover, it has an LED indicator and works with any PC or phone with a USB-C connector. However, remember your passcode or have it written since you cannot access your data if you forget or lose it. It is so because of its complete hardware encryption. The best features of this secure USB include its 16 digits passcode security, guest account, configurator software for group admins, and rechargeable battery.

OYO Nova – Portable Exercise Gadget

In this busy age, it gets difficult to maintain your fitness and physique, and some people are also careless with their diets. All that affects the health of the body, and it diminishes more quickly than it should.

From a quality fitness product producer, Oyo Nova comes with a fantastic fitness product that is light and easy to carry and gives great results. Its high resistance bands put pressure on an entire muscle group, burns calories, and you can perform over 100 exercises to work out your arms, chest, and legs. A few quality features of a portable gym trainer include its ability to put up to 40lbs or 18kg of resistance, and it is portable and easy to carry.

Flowtime Headband: Bio-sensing Meditation

A bio-sensing headband that enables deep relaxation and meditation is just what you need after a long hard day. The Flowtime Headband is lightweight and beautiful in design that packs many amazing qualities, such as a heart rate reader and brain wave sensor.

Moreover, this headband helps you figure out stress levels and provide meditation techniques to relax the mind. It has a mobile application that monitors your levels and provides real-time analytics and data. Other cool features include its 3-month free meditation courses and up to 30 hours of battery life.

OBSBOT Tiny – Smart Webcam

There must be no company where no conferences or presentations happen for at least a week. So, for that, two things are very important, a quality internet connection like one from Spectrum internet, which you can find here:, and a camera.

For the latter part, the OBSBOT Tiny is a great companion. It has AI tracking power and power gestures; it serves great for office work, video chats, classes, conferences, and streaming. Some great features of this tiny camera bot include its 1080p and 30fps PTZ camera, a 2x digital zoom, dual axis gimbal, gesture controls, and privacy mode.

Final Takeaway

These are some of the groundbreaking technologies we have seen thus far, and there are many more than you can imagine. So which one are you interested in buying?