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We know the moving process can be stressful, but don’t worry – we have an easy guide for packing clothes. This step by steps covers everything from what to do before you start packing up your wardrobe (and why it’s important) all of how folding clothing works in order get rid or fold them correctly so they won’t damage any boxes during transport! If there was ever something that would make people feel less overwhelmed about their upcoming move…this would probably fit right into place

The last piece our expert advice includes telling customers where They should store items not being used while transporting themselves across state lines.

Steps to do before packing your clothes

Consider first your closet: Before packing for moving, take a good look at your clothing and assess whether you need any of the items. Willingness to pack depends on how much space is available in storage or if there are closets outside that can hold more clothes once they arrive destination! Try hanging all outfits up so it’s easier than ever before deciding what stays and goes from this point onwards; don’t forget about accessories like hats as well because those might come handy later too.

Decide what to keep, what not: In order to make your closet less cluttered and more efficiently organize, it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul. Take everything out of the donation pile or sell cart first by determining if they are worth keeping—the answers will help you decide what goes in each category! Have any items not been worn within one year? Does this specific piece no longer fit properly due either weight gain/loss (even despite being flattering)? Are there signs that say “out of” on them somewhere.

Donate used items: If you have clothing, shoes or accessories that are not in good condition but still valuable enough to sell then take them along with any other items from your donation pile at home. You can either drop these off directly into a charities’ pick-up service free of charge (many require tax-deduction), or if they don’t offer this particular option just get yourself prepared by obtaining a receipt beforehand when donating household goods!

Sell closet trendy items: Have you ever wanted to make a little extra money on your clothing items? Try selling them online, hosting a yard sale or dropping off at consignment store. There are many marketplace sites where people can buy and sell used closet goods like Poshmark (an app), Mercari(a Japanese e-commerce site) ThredUP which connects users who have clothes they no longer need with those that do; Craigslist is also another option for finding buyers near me! If I had my way through – preferring Consignment Store X because its hassle free &the pricing isn’t terrible-, then here’s how it works:

Wash or dry-clean clothing: Washing your clothes before packing will prevent any mildew or bacterial growth during the move. It’s also very important to make sure everything is properly washed and dried, because if they’re damp then you can expect plenty of problems when it comes time for moving!

Smart moving tips:

You can never have too many clothes hoops or hangers when moving. Make sure you pack them all in your bag so there’s no chance of forgetting!

  1. Calculate how many boxes you need to buy

This can be a tough task, but there are some easy ways to estimate how many boxes you’ll need. First off, all if we take into account the weight and dimensions of our items then simply multiply that number by 2 or 3 depending on its severity (like moving from one room in your house). This will give us an idea as far as length goes for each item which should help with its placement during storage beforehand! The last thing worth mentioning here; though not entirely related – would have gotten rid any liquids/gifts? It might seem like math isn’t everyone’s strong suit – That said I’m happy

  1. Pick up only that you can handle

It’s hard enough to move yourself around the house, but when you have a heavy box full of clothes and shoes it can be nearly impossible. If possible, consider asking someone else for help- your spouse or friend might not mind lending their strength in return for some free time!

  1. Don’t overstuff your boxes

When packing clothes, be careful not to stuff your wardrobe or regular boxes with items. This will only damage them and make the carrying process harder for you!

  1. Keep valuable clothing items only

When hiring professional moving company, it is important to take all of your valuable clothing items with you in the car. This way nothing can happen and keep these precious possessions safe from intruders or accidents while being moved across town!