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Reading is a hobby to so many of us. We enjoy reading while sipping our coffee or while traveling or even in the evening, sitting in a quiet corner. If you have a look at how the reading habits and choices of people have changed over the years, you shall realise that today most people prefer reading magazines over novels. Given the extremely suffocated routines we have, a fiction would only feel like a waste of time, instead if one reads something that is more about the present and educates them about trends and discoveries in their field of interest, it automatically becomes their first choice.

Another factor here is, we’ve become minimalistics with the passage of time. Especially, when everything is just a touch away, who would want to carry additional stuff. The same goes with magazines. You would rarely find people wanting to buy a magazine, when they can get it for free on their phones. Download the magazine of your choice (its PDF) and enjoy reading it, wherever and whenever you want, because the only thing that accompanies us literally everywhere on earth, is our phone.

You could sit in a park, enjoying yourself, your comfort and your favourite magazines and can even share these magazines with your friends and family, and all this for free. Some of these websites even allow you to share your collection of magazines with other readers via uploading the PDFs. From Femina to Filmfare, from Forbes to Times, you can get access to literally any magazine and any issue of it that you would want. 

In this article, we shall be learning about several websites that allow you to download the PDFs of your favourite magazines and that too for free.

The Best Websites to Download PDF Magazines: is an amazing website, and one of the most sought ones. You just need to visit the website and it will shower you with so many options to read. It has innumerable categories to choose from and the best collection of magazines from each category.

Emagazine PDF

You can read the magazine free of cost and can even share it with your friends. You could read anything from sports to movies and from science to fiction. Fashion magazines are one of the most downloaded and the most sought magazines on these sites.

This super amazing website has a collection of more than 200,000 books and magazines to choose from.  It allows you to download magazines and even offers various options of formats to choose from, like PDF, HTML and others.

It allows you to download different categories of books and magazines, from fiction to sports and from science to politics. You could even find some thesis papers on this site, if you’re someone who takes interest in science and invention.

This website is one of the most popular and the most visited ones, given it has literally millions of books and magazines to choose from. The magazines  can be downloaded by following very simple steps.

Once you visit the page, you need to search for the magazine’s name. After the search results arrive, click on the name of the magazine to fetch all the details about it. Once the details open, click on its name again and click on “Get” to download the magazine.

Does not matter if you’re in your nerdy mood seeking a magazine on science or it is one of those romantic periods of your life, when you’re feeling in love and want the feeling to surround you completely so you want a romantic novel.


You could even find yourself very curious about the stock market and find business information interesting or you could be in the phase of self love and might want to read something that helps you grow as a person and encourages you for the same. No matter what your mood is, this website has got everything for every mood. You could open the book or magazine and download its pdf version to read from. It is that easy.

This website is very much appropriate for those who want to to download their magazines and books in formats other than pdf. It has a large range of books and magazines to choose from and all of these are available in more than one format. You could download them in their PDF versions and even in their Html formats. There are also tools such as to modify the pdfs so that it fits your own specific needs. is listed amongst the best websites you could go for if you wish to read a book or a magazine online. It has a wide range of subjects to choose from and also a lot of options like you could read them online or download it or you could even share them in your social media handle.

This website has more than 40 categories to choose from including fashion, travel, science, family, sports and others. You could choose the most suitable category for yourself and then the book or the magazine that you would want to read. You could easily download the pdf version of the book or the magazine that you’ve chosen and enjoy reading it anywhere anytime.

This website allows you to download three PDFs for free when you join it. The rest require you to pay a little fee for the same. Also, you could even upload a pdf here and share your collection with others. The files can be downloaded in several formats including the pdf version and HTML formats too.