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Undoubtedly, every girl wants to look flawless and display carefree confidence. If you looked at your wardrobe and felt like it was time for a shopping spree, you should go for it. How to dress in summer? What are the trends for 2022? Styles, colors, forms, the return of fashion from the past, and the unusual use of clothing – find it all here! Let’s get your wardrobe ready for new beginnings!

Ready-to-Wear Swimsuits

A swimsuit is always a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe when the summertime is in the air. Times, when we wore swimsuits only to the beach, are over. Now, this is a full outfit element. Designers usually combine it with jackets or shirts. Thus, a one-piece swimsuit can replace a bodysuit like AHA, while a two-piece swimsuit can replace shorts and crop tops becoming ready-to-wear clothing. Besides, adding some summer accessories can transform even the simplest outfit. What about oversized sunglasses? Having a large round shape and a wide frame, the luxurious model Koko from Oliver Goldsmith will complement your outfit adding glamour and a retro ‘60s vibe.

Bras as Crop Tops Replacement

No doubt, top crops are great, but they can be easily replaced with bras now. White, black, and pastel colors are considered to be preferable because they easily go with jackets of different colors, just like in the case with swimsuits. For example, you can combine a black bra and a vibrant pink jacket creating a contrasting image.

Low-Rise Pants and Skirts

Fashion is cyclical. Remember the 2000s outfits? It was a time when low-rise pants and skirts were all the rage! We are now witnessing the iconic phrase «What goes around comes around» making sense once again which is huge. Celebrities already experiment with low-rise clothing and manage to set trends. For example, you can wear low-rise pants of a light fabric with a simple tank top and a belt. You can also pair them with personalized enamel pins that will make your look unique. They can be worn with high heels or sneakers depending on the event. You can also find low-rise skirts of different lengths – they can be mini, midi, or even maxi! Just make sure to try them on and see what silhouette flatters your figure the most.


Not only do stripes look good, but they also can come in handy. Dresses, suits, and blouses that come in vertical stripes expend a silhouette width while horizontal ones add volume. For example, if you only need to add volume to the top, go with a horizontal stripe and a solid bottom. This way you will make a splash!

Quilted Shorts

Quilted shorts, made from soft fabrics and shortened to mid-thigh, can be matched with a white shirt or a large jacket, so they will perfectly complement the everyday wardrobe and make any outfit look more unusual and stylish. If it’s chilly outside, try to put on a light fabric sweater instead of a shirt.

The Color of the Year

Pantone Color Institute, a leading source of color expertise and trend forecasting, announced the color of the year – very peri. If you’re wondering, very peri refers to the color of periwinkle and is a combination of blue, purple, and red.

Also, don’t neglect the shade of orange called Coral Rose and the shade of pink called Innuendo as they have also been announced as the summer 2022 trending colors.


Remember, no matter what the trends are, you can experiment with them and stick to those that you feel comfortable adding to your wardrobe and wearing. Summer is a season of inspiration, experiments, and spontaneity. Spruce your wardrobe up and display the confidence you 100% have.