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Of course, birthdays are to be celebrated, another lap around the Sun, another chapter of your life is about to unfold; choosing suitable gifts is an art, some people effortlessly pick the perfect gift, while others struggle.

What do you get for the person who has it all?

Experience gift – The list is long and includes everything from learning to cook Thai to driving a racing car around the track.  Maybe your sister would love to learn to play tennis with pre-booked lessons from a pro or ride high in a hot air balloon. If you think your brother would love to leap out of a plane at 12,000ft, you can book him on a tandem parachute jump; this might be something Dad would be interested in!

Say it with flowers – Mums love to receive a fresh bouquet of their favourite flowers and Google can find a Sydney florist that offers a wide range of fresh flowers, with bouquets of all shapes and sizes. This can be arranged via their website and your personal message will be included. Once you make a connection with a local florist, you can use their services in the future and regular customers usually receive a special discount.

Smartphone case – Who wouldn’t love a leather smartphone case? Every make and model is represented by the online digital accessories. Samsung and Apple device cases add a layer of protection, while also looking cool. If you think leather is not suitable, there are cases made from composites that are stunning.

Online subscriptions – Only you know what the recipient is into; look at potential subscriptions; elderly people are suitable for personal safety alarms, while teenagers can stream their favourite music.

Personalised gifts – There are online suppliers of gifts to add that personal touch; with embellishments and engraving. If the recipient means something special to you, let them know with a personalised gift; there are gifts for every budget and some really novel items

Sterling silver Jewellery –What woman doesn’t like to receive jewellery? Hand-made sterling silver jewellery is inexpensive and silver goes with everything. Shopping online is not only convenient, you get the lowest prices online. Have the jewellery sent to you and you can package the gift yourself.

Car accessories – If your boyfriend is a car freak, find out what is on his wish list and he will be over the moon. In-car sound systems are amazing and a new pre-amp would really make a difference.

Musical instrument – If you have a good friend who you think might be musically talented, why not buy them an acoustic guitar; this is an ideal gift for teenagers. The flute is a beautiful instrument and who knows, this could be the start of an amazing career.

Birthday gifts are always a challenge and we hope the above ideas help you choose the perfect gift for a special person in your life.