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Budget dorm decorations are very easy to add to your room in order to achieve a more personalized and homely feel. From DIY creations you can do with materials that are lying around to really cheap ways you can build essential furniture like small tables, cute baskets, etc. Below you’ll find some creative ideas to decorate your dorm room!


Plants are a great way to open up your space and make it more relaxing. Whether your place is small, wide, bright, or dark, Plants are the perfect solution to brighten up your space and give it a positive and relaxing vibe. You can get some small ones for as low as $0.70. The change in your mood will be instant!


In order to give your dorm room a more homely feel, you can buy an affordable rug! Your place will instantly warm-up, giving a homely vibe it didn’t have before. Choose the color of your rug carefully, if you want it to coordinate with the color palette you are applying to the rest of your room. The safe and elegant choice will always be a nude rug with a quiet design! If you are looking for an extremely affordable solution, you can check your neighborhood for second-hand shops that also sell home supplies – you may find what you are looking for there for under $20!

Pillows and Cushions

Just like the rug, pillows and cushions bring this homely vibe to your space. Coordinating their colors to a similar palette you have with the rug will elevate your dorm room and accentuate your taste. Pillows and cushions on your bed will bring out a comfortable vibe for every guest that will enter! Putting them on your bed may be dangerous though- you could succumb to relaxation every morning and miss your classes! Even if you do miss several classes, there is no need to panic about your term exams. A simple solution to that issue would be to pay for term paper – it’s a solution many students prefer when they feel they are running out of time! Simply hiring a professional will save you from the trouble of a bad grade and academic failure!

Personalized Memory Wall

Are you tired of simply painted walls? You can easily create a wall with your most cherished memories. Old photos of your dad, new photos of your friends, childhood photos, cards, and sticky notes that you cherish! You can create a collage of your memories that will add a personalized touch to your room, plus they will remind you of the times you feel happy and loved every time you enter your dorm! If you’re fond of having decorations primarily on your walls, then things like wood pallet American flags might interest you.

Study Space

As a college student, you are going to need the proper space to store your textbooks! If your dorm room doesn’t have a desk, you can check out a second-hand store- they will for sure have something cute, vintage, and affordable! Remember to organize your space in a way that it’s clean and tidy so you can work on your many assignments. If you feel like you are running out of time – which is a very common issue amongst college students- you can always ask TopWritersReview, that way you can ensure your grade and balance out your busy schedule!


To conclude, decorating your dorm room comes down to your own personal taste. Think about the elements in your home that make you feel comfortable or what you like, and apply this to your room! The only certain thing is the more you care about your space, the more it will bring you joy living in it!


Joanne Elliot is an English Literature expert and journalist. She enjoys interior design, cinema, and art. Her favorite days are those spent in art museums and parks.