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Every single business owner wants to be more productive. If you haven’t thought about productivity, then you probably should. Productivity is about making your time, and the time of your employees, go further.. It’s about focusing on how best to apply workforce to the task at hand. This might apply to accounting standards recognition or software, warehouse productivity, sales application or even something as simple as being able to service more people at your coffee shop. Productivity improvements can be approached in a multitude of ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Invest in Reliable Hardware

Reliable hardware does not have to mean top-of-the-line machines. It can be more economical to purchase options, such as top-grade refurbished computer hardware. A lot of people get put off by the term “refurbished”, but there’s no need to be. If you take the time to look through a reputable catalog of refurbished machines, you are almost guaranteed to have a high return on investment. The reason for this is because they cost a fraction of the original price tag and, with proper care, can last a long time. Because of that, they can potentially aid in long-lasting productivity.

Third Party or Freelancers Can Help

It’s all about easing the load and ensuring your team has the flexibility to do what they need. Outsourcing some tasks can really help you here. There are some great freelancers out there that you don’t have to employ. For example if you’re selling products in multiple places you might want some help with your FBA management or if you need a lot more content on your website you can contact a copywriter to give you a hand. It means you don’t have to pull people away from your actual workforce and they can stay centered on the tasks that really matter.

Set A Leadership Example

People will generally follow your own lead. If you’re the owner of the business, or you’re in charge as a manager, they’ll simply follow your way of working. If you’re productive and have some pace about you, then you’ll be able to hold people to the same standard. If you’re not, then it’ll become a lot harder for you to try and instill good behaviors in your workforce. Be the person you want them to be and set the right example. You can find some great advice on setting an example online, or in a book.

It doesn’t matter if you want a more laid back environment in your work or whether you have your team work from home…it all comes from the top so try and set the best possible example. You could even hire a manager to do this for you if you wanted to take a step back from the leadership front.

Accountancy Technology and Your Business

Filing taxes and doing general accounts takes a lot of time. Especially if you’re trying to comply with relevant accounting standards such as gasb 87 or are really looking to grasp a firm hold of GAAP. It can take a lot of time, time you’d be better spent putting into your business. Instead, focus on learning about the right kind of software which could help. If you’re processing a lot of leases there might be some impactful lease accounting software out there to help you out. If you’re looking for general help with taxes and accounts, there are a huge amount of providers who can help you. Alternatively, you could hire your own accountant. They can be expensive, but if you can make more money during the time you’d be doing taxes, you’ll be better off.