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Freezvon’s virtual number (VN) package offers an array of attractive features to meet the diverse communication needs of businesses and individuals. The above-mentioned package provides a generous allocation of 1000 minutes per month, allowing customers to engage in substantial communication without worrying about exceeding limits.

Customers can obtain a VN for Kazakhstan starting from just $145. This enables businesses to establish a regional presence and seamlessly connect with their target audience in Kazakhstan. With a virtual number for Germany’s mobile network starting at $120, businesses can enhance their reach and effectively communicate with their German customers, regardless of their physical location.

Freezvon offers virtual numbers for Saudi Arabia starting from $150. This makes it easy for businesses to tap into the Saudi Arabian market, establish credibility, and provide convenient communication channels for their Saudi customers. Clients can get a VN for Japan starting from $70.

Freezvon enables businesses to enhance their communication capabilities and effectively engage with their target audience in Kazakhstan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and beyond.

Virtual PBX package for the trial period

Freezvon’s package of $0 for 7 days provides customers with a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to optimize their communication systems. During this trial period, customers can access the following:

  • 5 external channels, allowing for concurrent incoming and outgoing calls.
  • 50 internal lines, facilitating smooth internal communication within the organization.
  • 50 internal lines with voice recording, ensuring important conversations are captured for future reference or compliance purposes.
  • 20 GB of storage space, enabling users to store call recordings, voicemails, and other important data securely.
  • Voicemail greetings improve the company’s image.
  • Free incoming calls to SIP, allowing businesses to receive calls seamlessly through their SIP-enabled devices.
  • Per-minute billing of outgoing calls, ensuring cost-effective communication.
  • Free Click-to-call widget, enabling website visitors to initiate calls directly by clicking on a button.
  • Free Callback widget, allowing digital resource visitors to request a callback from the business.
  • Dedicated IP addresses are good for enhanced security and stability.
  • Call statistics, enabling them to analyze and evaluate their communication patterns and performance.
  • Freezvon ensures robust security measures to protect against hacking and fraudulent activities, safeguarding the integrity of the communication system.
  • The package includes a Contact book feature, allowing users to manage and organize their contacts efficiently.
  • Clients have the flexibility to add additional services as per their specific requirements, customizing their virtual PBX setup to suit their unique needs.

Customers can explore and experience these features firsthand during the trial period, allowing them to evaluate the capabilities of Freezvon’s virtual PBX packages and make informed decisions for their communication infrastructure.

Freezvon offers a user-friendly interface on its website that allows customers to easily compare different Virtual PBX packages. Customers can access a comprehensive list of available packages and their respective features by clicking a button on the site. This feature enables users to compare the packages side by side, making it convenient to evaluate the options and choose the one that best suits their business requirements.

Choose only the best

Whether you have questions, need assistance with their services, or require technical support, Freezvon’s knowledgeable and responsive team is ready to provide prompt assistance and ensure a smooth communication experience. The commitment to being accessible 24/7 showcases Freezvon’s dedication to delivering excellent customer service and being there for their customers whenever they are needed.