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Cranes play a critical role in all development and construction projects. This includes all kinds of cranes – hydraulic and spider crawlers. Any construction area that requires lifting and hosting large or heavy objects will require cranes. Both these equipment are cranes and are commonly used for moving materials from one location to the other.

Hydraulic and spider crawler cranes have more or less the same parts. However, there are differences when they function.

While these pieces of equipment look similar in all aspects, there are quite a few differences between the two. If you are considering hiring crane rental services and are confused about which one to choose, let us help you make the right choice.

How to Choose the Right Crane Type for Your Project?

Before we delve more into the differences between these two types of cranes, there are some things you need to determine to make the right choice. Let us understand these parameters in a little more detail.

Project Duration & Size of the Material:

Even though the spider and hydraulic cranes belong to the same equipment category, they have different capacities, functionalities, and specifications. Understanding your project needs will help you narrow down the options and choose the correct equipment.

To understand the capabilities of the cranes available in the market, it is best to take the assistance of local crane rental services. The time duration and size of the material that needs lifting will determine which crane you need.

If you choose a crane that has little capacity or is too big for the construction area, then it will not be able to function correctly.

Construction Site Conditions:

The condition of the construction site terrain also determines the kind of crane you need to rent. Understanding the spatial constraints, weather conditions, and ground levelling will give you insight into what type of crane you need to hire to get the job done efficiently.

For instance, you will need to choose a crane that gives maximum support to maneuver on uneven ground on uneven terrain. Again, for flat, even surfaces, you have to hire cranes that offer optimum stability and mobility.

Material Transportation:

While this is not a priority initially, it is a critical consideration in the later stages. Cranes can be broadly categorised as mobile cranes, crawler cranes, or tower cranes, all transporting materials differently.

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Hydraulic Cranes or Spider Cranes: Which One to Choose?

Both these cranes have all the essential parts of a crane but differ in size, lifting capacity, mobility, engine power, advantages, and features. Let us explore the machines and their features to understand which type would suit your project.

What is a Spider Crane?

Spider cranes are a kind of mini crawler cranes designed primarily to work in compact and limited spaces. They are quite similar to traditional cranes, except that they are compact and can be used to manoeuvre in tight, challenging spaces. You can hire either manual or power-operated cranes from heavy equipment rental companies.

Advantages of Using Spider Cranes

One of the most remarkable benefits of working with spider cranes is that they can perform efficiently on the roughest and most uneven terrains. These cranes come with built-in outrigger configurations helping them work even on inclined surfaces and you can check a high quality genie fuel pump here.

The outriggers are specially designed to stabilise the spider crane while working on uneven surfaces. Apart from this, the tracked mobility feature allows the spider crane to travel smoothly on rough and uneven surfaces.

As mentioned before, spider cranes are known for their compact size and ability to perform well in confined spaces. This comes in handy during urban developmental projects where often the workspace is relatively tiny for traditional cranes to function.

There are various types of spider cranes with different configurations. Taking the assistance of local crane rental services will help you choose the best equipment.

What Are Hydraulic Cranes?

Cranes that run on hydraulic systems are called hydraulic cranes. These heavy-duty cranes rely on hydraulic mechanisms to hoist and lift materials. Hydraulic cranes are primarily used on job sites that require the transportation of heavy materials.

These cranes come mounted on wheels or tracks, making them supremely mobile and perfect for working on even surface workspaces.

Advantages of Using Spider Cranes

Hydraulic cranes are incredibly powerful and do not need the help of bulky gears and pulleys to operate. This feature makes it significantly easier to maintain these cranes resulting in minor wear and tear while working long hours.

Hydraulic cranes are mainly used for industrial projects where the operators can easily maneuver the equipment. Due to their high power and efficiency, these cranes primarily work on outdoor job sites, industrial constructions, and manufacturing facilities.

Projects that involve heavy lifting rely on hydraulic cranes immensely, which is why you can often see them in loading areas.

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In Conclusion:

The kind of crane you need to hire from heavy equipment rental companies depends on your requirements and workplace conditions. Experts from crane rental companies are the best people who can guide you in making the right decision.