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When it comes to light fixtures, a living room remains incomplete without ornamental lighting. A chandelier is all you need to help your living room make a statement . Not to mention, it will do more than just serve looks. A chandelier in the living room is a mood setter, conversation starter, and the finishing touch to your space’s ambiance.

However, choosing the right chandelier is no easy task. Once you set out to buy one, every other design will seem equally gorgeous and pleasant to the eyes. As a result, you may end up taking one that doesn’t align with your living room decor. Here is all you need to know about chandeliers and how you can find the right match.

Chandelier Designs

Before you can make a decision, it is important that you know about the types, designs, and styles of chandeliers available in the market.

It is important that your living room chandelier matches the other ornamental lighting in your house. For instance, if your chandelier clashes with your bedroom lamps or your semi-flush mount kitchen lighting, it makes for a distracting interior. Here are some of the popular designs and styles you should know about.

  • Industrial chandelier design: An industrial design chandelier mimics the image of lighting in a factory or industrial setting. This kind of chandelier has exposed wood or metal frames or components.
  • Farmhouse chandelier design: Farmhouse chandeliers offer a more old-school style. They either use clear glass or none at all to showcase the bulbs. It uses rustic wood and metal accents and Edison-style bulbs.
  • Contemporary chandelier design: As the name suggests, contemporary chandeliers are specially designed for minimalist spaces. These designs aren’t too overpowering but don’t compromise on the sparkle element either.
  • Rustic chandelier design: A rustic style chandelier uses old-fashioned Edison-style bulbs and materials like rustic wood or wrought iron. These chandeliers focus on simplicity and natural tones.
  • Modern chandelier design: These are mid-century chandeliers that offer a modern style and finish. They provide functionality that aligns with a modern aesthetic.

Choosing The Right Chandelier For Your Living Room

Chandelier Shape and Finish

After you have settled on a design for your living room lighting ornament, it is time to choose the correct shape. Oftentimes, homeowners only focus on the theme and design, which leaves them disappointed with their choice. We think the issue lies in the shape, form, and finish of the chandelier in such cases.


Here are chandelier shapes that you can choose from. Make sure you consider the shape, square footage, furniture, and windows in your living room.

  • Round Chandelier: Great for smaller spaces with circular center rugs
  • Cluster Chandelier: Look best on open space living rooms and pair best with industrial or modern settings
  • Rectangular Chandelier: A bold statement for traditional and modern interior
  • Sputnik Chandelier: Look the best hanging in the center or over a coffee table
  • Caged Chandelier: A unique accent chandelier shape for sophisticated and elegant themes
  • Beaded Chandelier: Can work for all settings, including rustic and industrial to modern and elegant
  • Globe Chandelier: Best for spacious living rooms and minimalist settings


Finish refers to the metal and paints or stain on the chandelier. You can find chandeliers with glass, wood, or metallic finishes. The wide array of options makes it confusing to choose. For instance, brass and crystal chandelier look great in a living room with glassed doors and a modern setting. However, they may not get the same attention in a cottage-themed living room.

  • Gold Chandelier: Modern contemporary look
  • Brass Chandelier: Rustic or industrial settings
  • Chrome Chandelier: Distinctive and classic interiors
  • Bronze Chandelier: farmhouse/cottage themes or industrial and rustic settings

The Functionality of a Chandelier

It is true that your chandelier is supposed to complete the look of your living space with its beauty and personality. However, keep in mind that you do not want a chandelier just for its aesthetic. Chandeliers are expensive lighting fixtures, so it’s essential that you make a good investment.

The functionality of a chandelier is an important thing to consider before you take one home. Here are different ways chandeliers can uplift the ambiance.

  • Diffused lighting: Some chandeliers provide dimmed lighting so as to not overpower the interior with harsh lighting. These give off ambient and non-direct light, which makes it perfect for spaces that have other fixtures and get plenty of natural light.
  • Focused lighting: These chandeliers are more than just ornamental accents to amp your living room. Chandeliers that function to provide focused and direct light are commonly called down-light chandeliers. These brighten up closed and dark spaces.
  • Reflected Lighting: Up-light chandeliers use bulbs and fixtures that face upward towards the ceiling. This results in the light being focused on the ceiling and reflecting back across the entire room.

When deciding on a chandelier, you may consider the type of lighting you want from it. But don’t forget the surrounding space and theme. While it is important to consider functionality, most living rooms also have other lighting fixtures for the ambiance. If your chandelier is too dim or too bright, it’ll steal the attention from the rest of the theme. Make sure you spend some time finding the perfect lighting contrast.

A Few Other Things to Consider

Once you know what chandelier design, shape, and lighting are perfect for your living room, here are a few other things to keep in mind. These include the height, position, and brightness of a chandelier.


When it comes to installation height, follow the simple rule of safety and sight clearance. You should install the chandelier at a height where it doesn’t hit anyone’s head or block the view.


The position of a chandelier should always be in the center of the room. The reasons are:

  • Symmetry
  • Light
  • Aesthetic

You cannot expect your chandelier to be eye-catching and functional if you fail to position it properly.


The square footage of your room determines how bright of a chandelier you need. So, make sure you consider the lumen output and square footage in mind while buying a chandelier.

Bottom Line

A chandelier is a great accent piece for spaces like a living or dining room. However, it is incredibly important that you choose one that goes perfectly with the size, vibe, and theme of your space at Eyely. After all, you can’t work the typical brass and crystal chandeliers everywhere.