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The Christmas season is an enchanting time when individuals make effort to make their loved ones feel extra special by treating them with loving gestures and thoughtful gifts.  For many business owners, your corporate bonds should be viewed as an extension of your family.  Therefore, it is essential to start thinking about holiday corporate gifting from now. Christmas is all about spreading love and happiness, so impress employees, customers and clients with wonderful corporate gifts.

Gift Ideas for Employees

Buy a Christmas Hamper

Many employees are still working from home, cut off from the everyday buzz of workplace interactions.  Whether this involved discussing weekend activities, talking about the family or just life in general, these types of interactions might not be taking place, at all or as much.

An ideal corporate gift is to buy a Christmas hamper for this situation.  The contents of the hamper can allow team members to have their very own celebration from their own home.  The items could include holiday cookies, alcoholic or non-alcoholic wines, popcorn, chips and other sweet and savory goodies.  There is even the option of arranging a joint reveal or ‘unboxing’ over a zoom call.

Give A Desk Calendar

The holiday season provides an opportunity for individuals to look forward to the promise of a new year.  You can get your workers excited and ready with a personalized desk calendar.  Go for a colorful design that instantly adds personality to their workspace, whether that is in the office or at home.  This provides an easy way to keep daily, weekly and monthly goals at the forefront of your employee’s attention, without using up any wall space. If you would like to personalize this holiday gift, you can add the employee’s name and your company logo.

Present a Gift Card

If you would like to be confident that your workers will actually appreciate their holiday gift, a gift card may be the way to go. Whether the gift card is for a local boutique, a television streaming service, their favorite restaurant or a cash card that can be used anywhere, gift cards are designed to please.  Since this gift provides a certain degree of flexibility, they can be used to make in-person purchases or shop online.  With gift cards, you know your present will be well appreciated.

Give a Plant

A plant or succulent makes for an incredible corporate gift for your employees.  This is because it can assist in energizing their desks, breathing life into the space and setting the tone for a brand new year.  Including a personalized note will make the gift even more special.  You can take this opportunity to use the plant as a metaphor to express your desire to grow together and achieve even greater success in the new year.

Send a Work-from-home Hamper

If your workers are spending any time working from home, it is likely they need or want some supplies for the home office.  Assemble a gift hamper filled with branded supplies they could use to be effective and productive as they work from home.  These could be coffee mugs, personalized mouse pads, notebooks, pens, water bottles and other office supplies.

Gifts for Customers and Clients

Gift Local Chocolates

Chocolates make for a remarkable corporate holiday gift for your clients. However, this does not mean you should find the grocery store to purchase an expensive, established national brand. Instead, look into local stores that supply artisan varieties in original and surprising flavors; this would be even more awesome if you can find a chocolatier in your local area. Your clients will get a holiday treat that is sure to excite their taste buds and you will get to support and promote other local businesses as well.

Use a Mug to Give the Gift of Warmth

If you would like to give your clients the gift of warmth this holiday season, you can gift them mugs filled with or surrounded by delicious ingredients to make delectable warm beverages.  Included in the package could be holiday-flavored teas, hot chocolate packets, local coffee beans and flavored syrups.

Provide a Wall Calendar

Show that you really appreciate your customers this holiday season with a wall calendar that will help them kick off the new year with much more than merely days of the week.  If you are looking to deliver the ideal wall calendars to your clients, customize them with discount codes, monthly offers, and even an exclusive sale or two during the year ahead. These little incentives demonstrate to your customers the extent to which you value their business.

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Any of the corporate gifting ideas highlighted above would be well appreciated and most welcome by your employees, clients or customers during the holiday season or any time celebration and recognition are in order.

The corporate gifts you give should be made to speak to the culture of the company.  They should be a reflection of the high level of appreciation you have for these individuals.  Successfully getting this accomplished could even create internal and external brand loyalists out of these very important individuals who have been providing tremendous support for your business.