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Your home’s windows are a crucial part of the construction, airflow, and natural light in your home. They add elegance and style to the structure, but it’s difficult to enjoy them when experiencing excessive window fogging. Your windows may be letting out significant volumes of air, contributing to foggy windows and higher energy bills.

Understanding why your windows are fogging up and the steps you can take to prevent this issue will help you have the most stunning home in your neighborhood. Your windows will be clear, and your home’s structure will be safe.

Fortunately for your windows, you’ve discovered this handy article explaining the causes of foggy windows and the things you can do to fix them. Continue reading to clear your windows and stress up today!

Defog the Window

The first option to try for your foggy windows is an anti-fogging spray while the window is still installed. It’s a low-maintenance step that will improve visibility out the window without costing an arm and a leg.

The process of defogging the window in place requires you to remove the fog between the glass panes. This process is affordable, though it won’t replace the gas that typically fills the space between window panes. Your window will lack thermal performance in colder weather with this option to prevent windows from fogging up.

Remove the Window

You can also remove the window to determine why are my windows foggy. It’s possible your window fogging is a result of a failed seal in the window, and the fog will continue until you replace it. Failure to replace the sealant will result in a recurring foggy window that drives you insane.

Replacing the window seal is an affordable alternative to purchasing replacement windows. The experts at JLR Building Maintenance are the best resource for help with replacing a broken window seal.

Dehumidify Your Home

A dehumidifier is a choice investment if you’re ready to stop window fogging in your home. You’ll reduce the moisture in the air inside your home and eliminate condensation in and on your windows. It’s a much cheaper alternative than replacing the window or seal.

Keep Fans On

You can also keep your windows from getting foggy by allowing the air to move inside your home. The air will no longer stick to your windows and attract moisture. This is the perfect solution if your foggy windows are in a room with a ceiling fan, though you can also buy a box fan to add to the circulation.

Get Clarity on Your Window Fogging Today

Going to war with window fogging is daunting for any homeowner, but the right tips and resources will stop your home’s foggy windows. You can check the window’s seal to determine if condensation is between the panes, or you can remove the condensation from the window. Keeping fans on and buying a dehumidifier for your home’s interior will also prevent windows from fogging up.

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