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If you are involved in the world of real estate, you are likely well aware of how disputes can arise. This can range from a property line dispute to a sump pump failing.

If you are investing in real estate, you might want a real estate dispute lawyer. In this article, we will discuss some common real estate disputes that you should be aw1are of.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Failure to Deliver a Deed

Failure to deliver a deed is one of the most common real estate disputes, according to a real estate dispute lawyer.

It could be that the buyer failed to deliver the deed to the seller after closing. It could also mean that a deed was never recorded within the local jurisdiction.

Depending on the specifics of the transaction, this could lead to costly litigation wherein the court will order a deed to be produced. Both buyers and sellers should always have a real estate dispute attorney review all of their paperwork before closing the deal.

Title and Claim Disputes

Title and claim disputes are common real estate disputes that a real estate dispute lawyer may encounter. The title claim dispute centers around whether the property’s title is properly registered.

This type of dispute is often seen in properties with multiple owners, or with complex ownership structures. Title disputes can also involve easements, boundary disputes, covenants, or improperly filed documents.

Contractual Breaches

When parties do not fulfill their obligations as clearly outlined in a contract, a dispute can arise. Potential issues might include the seller’s breach of contract.

This involves failing to provide the investor with the necessary documents and failing to disclose known issues. This could also breach the sales agreement the parties have entered into.

Property Inspection Issues

Generally, two areas of concern must be addressed when any problem crops up – damages and contractual obligations. Such issues can arise from neglect or poor maintenance of a property.

Listing agreements between owners, tenants, and buyers can also cause disputes over the inspection process. This is when parties disagree about what was inspected or discrepancies between representations and reality.

Partition Disputes

Partition disputes are common in real estate disputes. These disputes involve disagreements between co-owners of a real estate property.

They typically arise when an owner wants to divide the real estate among several owners, but the other owners disagree. In some cases, owners can’t agree on how to divide the proceeds should the property be sold.

The dispute can be complex and require the assistance of a partition lawyer. Check out for assistance in negotiating a settlement between the parties.

Protecting Rights with Real Estate Dispute Lawyer

Overall, common real estate disputes can be expensive and time-consuming to deal with. If you find yourself in a real estate dispute, contact a real estate dispute lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Act now to get the help you need to get the best result possible. Don’t delay!

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