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Curtains complete the look of a room. They are functional and charming adornment. Living room curtains allow privacy and block sunlight. Also, they frame the window shape and highlight the height of a space.

You probably won’t know how important curtains are unless you move into a house with bare windows. Curtains can easily transform a room and give it a look that you desire. There is a countless fabric option at your fingertips. They offer different patterns, colors, and opacities. Hence, it can be a little difficult to decide which one will fit your home interior perfectly.

Today, we are listing down eye-catching designer curtains to inspire your living room ambience. These picks will leave a lasting impression to everyone who sees them. From bold colors to soft and classy drapes, there’s a style that will suit everyone.

1. Sheer Curtains by Harlequin

Sheer Curtains by Harlequin

Sheer Curtains by Harlequin

Sheer window dressings give a little bit of everything. They provide some privacy, some light, and lots of beauty. Sheer curtains add flair and texture to the living room. Also, they allow natural light to illuminate the space at day time.

At night, you may need the help of a thicker curtain to keep the light pollution away. This is no big deal if you have a double curtain rod where you can hang two curtains of different opacities.

Hortelano is a sheer fabric from the Callista collection. It is inspired by enchanting greenery, flora, and landscapes. The designer created this collection bearing the meaning of ‘Callista’ in mind. The name Callista in ancient Greek means “the most beautiful.” They gave justice to this name because the Hortelano fabric is nothing short of gorgeous!

Aside from curtains, you can use their Callista fabrics for Roman blinds and accessories.

2. Embroidered Linen Curtain by Nina Campbell

If you opt for more opacity, linen fabrics might be the way to go. Linen is a durable and eco-friendly fabric. It has a beautiful drape, plus it suits hot weather conditions because it fights heat retention.

The Bonnelles fabric from the Les Indiennes collection drew inspiration from the 17th to 18th-century French fabric trend. The textile is perfect for Roman blinds and made to measure curtains.

3. Plaid Curtains by Ralph Lauren

Plaid Curtains by Ralph Lauren

Plaid Curtains by Ralph Lauren

Plaid reminds us of holiday vibes and stylish rustic interiors. Some may find plaid to be too old and out of style. However, we know that trends just come and go. Over recent years, plaid is returning to the scene together with farmhouse and country elements.

The Hardwick Plaid fabric from the Wool Tartans collection features the signature plaid pattern. The timeless design suits both vintage and contemporary home interiors.

4. Floral Curtains by Sanderson

Floral Curtains by Sanderson

Floral Curtains by Sanderson

You might be wondering whether botanical patterns are still in style. We say yes, and we say “you do you” to everyone who fears being out of the box. Floral prints give off a bright summer feel that is reminiscent of the sweet and fun summertime.

If you love the calming effect of flowers, you can make room for a floral curtain in your space. Just don’t forget to keep everything balanced. Make sure that the garden curtains work well with other elements in the living room.

Sanderson created A Painter’s Garden fabric collection. It features adorable plant motifs that suit both the traditional and modern home. This fabric collection is made to match the wallpapers of the same name.

5. History-Inspired Curtains by Voyage Maison

Voyage Maison took their fabrics to the next level with their Natural History collection. The collection features textiles inspired by world expeditions, discoveries, geology, and more. Fabric prints include detailed illustrations of pocket watches, fossils, and maps among others. The history-inspired curtains are great for both rural and urban home interior design.

The Explorer Velvet fabric displays hand-drawn and digitally printed antique maps and letters. This elegant curtain fabric is made of cotton and viscose fibers.

Designer curtains like Voyage are available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. The curtain shop is an online retailer of excellent fabrics for curtains, upholstery, cushions, and Roman blinds.

6. Velvet Curtains by Ashley Wilde

Velvet Curtains by Ashley Wilde

Velvet Curtains by Ashley Wilde

Velvet is known for its rich color, shiny surface, and smooth texture. As curtains, velvets make a dramatic and elegant look. Also, it blocks light well so it will be great for blinds.

The Omari fabric is available on a wide range of jewel-like shades. The right shade will surely match your home interior design.


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